Functional & Modern Dining Room Lighting

Updating your traditional interior does not have to include a major renovation. There is no need to tear down walls or rip up your flooring. In many cases, something as simple as adding new, modern dining room lighting can do the trick. With trends like LED lights and other, more efficient options, the need to accompany these innovative lighting options

5 Methods for Ambient Kitchen Lighting

Ambient lighting, or general indirect light, creates a base level of illumination in a particular room or environment. During the day, ambient sunlight streams indirectly through windows, and at night we achieve great ambient lighting with an assortment of fixtures that illuminate a room in whole and in specific locations. Ideally, each room in a home or office should be

Going Green Globally … Under Your Own Roof

Global energy consumption could grow 33% by 2035. In the same timeframe, global energy-related carbon dioxide emissions could rise by 20%. While those statistics might seem staggering or serious, oftentimes those global figures are hard to relate to. How do you personally make changes to your lifestyles and sustainability to affect the bigger picture? The answer is to start small.

5 Patio Lighting Tips

Installing the proper outdoor lighting fixtures can help to enhance the beauty of your property while increasing safety and security. Outdoor lighting will allow you to take advantage of your outside spaces, even after dark, and can add value to your home. Modern outdoor patio lighting is offered in a number of options and styles, ensuring there is something for

Functional Lighting vs. Style Lighting

One of the most fun and rewarding tasks of planning a new structure or renovation is establishing a lighting design plan. The lighting also carries its share of responsibilities, as the choices you make will help to determine the personality and style structure of your space. It’s crucial to provide appropriate light for various needs in and around each bedroom,

Shining Professionally: Your Office Lighting

Adequate lighting in the workspace is essential. A well-planned office lighting design discourages accidents and injuries and has a positive effect on mood and productivity. There are few things more frustrating than trying to accomplish a job while straining one’s eyes or ignoring glare and reflections on a computer screen, and recurring eyestrain can cause permanent eye damage. Planning office

Lighting Design Tips for Selling Your Home

There are many things to be considered when staging your home for sale, and your lighting design is an important factor that shouldn’t be overlooked. Adequate lighting is usually at the top of a new buyer’s list of priorities, and attractive aesthetic accents can seal the deal. Open houses and walk-through showings usually occur during daylight hours, but can be

The Ins and Outs of Seasonal Lighting

If you’ve ever noticed that the colors of your walls, carpets, and furniture are more appealing at some times than others, you’re not alone. This change usually has to do with very subtle changes in the color of light that occur as the sun travels through its daily rainbow and seasonal changes. The direction that sunlight enters each room through

How to Turn Your Bathroom Into a Spa

If you’re ready to introduce a spa-like feeling into your bathroom, you have plenty of company. Our bathrooms are the most personal environments in our homes, and homeowners around the world crave the soothing sense of sanctuary that is experienced while lounging at their favorite spa, lagoon, or hot spring. If you’re planning the bathroom for a new structure or

Lighting Makes a Difference

The lighting fixture choices you make to illuminate your environment and the natural light that travels across your property combine to influence the appearance of the colors on your walls, the shadow patterns cast by objects within your space, and set the general tone of the room’s environment. These influences should ideally be planned with the designing of the space,