5 Ideas for Decorating with Contemporary Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are used as task lights but are also a great way to transform any living space. And the best thing about them is that they come in a wide range of styles and designs giving you a world of options to choose from. You can now choose your floor lamps based on bulb type – LED, Compact fluorescent,

Save Money with LED Garden Lights

Lighting for most dwellings presents a unique puzzle, finding a balance between beauty, utility and energy usage which can become dizzying at times. Exterior lighting is an undeniable attractive feature, but not all are willing or able to afford the additional strain to their finances. The cure for this predicament I have realized, can often be found in low voltage

3 Reason Why You Should Install a Track Lighting System

Here at The Lighting Gallery, we take pride in being the best showcase and supplier of all the various lamps and lighting systems, while being conveniently located in beautiful Grand Forks, North Dakota. We appeal to a wide clientele including designers helping families get an edge on their renovations, home owners embarking on a DIY adventure, and a number of

Style Your Kitchen With Pendant Lighting

We see it all the time: builder-grade kitchens with bland, uninspiring pendant lights hanging predictably over the island. Set your kitchen island lighting apart from others, let pendant lights light any space from your kitchen island to your dining room table. Kitchen pendant lighting presents a unique opportunity to really spice things up. Think about how jewelry accessorizes an outfit.

Kichler LED Landscape Lighting Reduces Energy Expenses

When it comes to lighting, technology is always changing the way we see the world. Where we once used candle or lantern light to see in the dark, we now have a variety of devices to light up the inside and outside of our homes. And with recent developments, these devices are reducing our energy expenses. This offers a great