How to Turn Your Bathroom Into a Spa

If you’re ready to introduce a spa-like feeling into your bathroom, you have plenty of company. Our bathrooms are the most personal environments in our homes, and homeowners around the world crave the soothing sense of sanctuary that is experienced while lounging at their favorite spa, lagoon, or hot spring.

If you’re planning the bathroom for a new structure or renovation, you can integrate structural perks like a sun/moon roof and possibly your own private terrace or deck on the other side of glass walls. If on the other hand, you’ve been casting a keen eye on one of the bathrooms in your current residence with moments of whimsical longing, be assured that there are options at your fingertips to transform your space into the peaceful respite you’ve been dreaming of.

A World of Options

When designing your new spa, the first decision to be made is to determine which peaceful world you’d like to create. If you had no budgetary concerns, would you choose to lounge in a sleek sophisticated European spa with sparkling tile, glass, and chandeliers? Do your fantasies take you to an exotic Japanese, Thai, or East Indian resort, a desert oasis, or the deep jungle with the songs of exotic birds wafting through the air? Are you in the pristine Adirondacks surrounded by the smell of pungent pines or a steamy igloo in Alaska? All of these wonderful worlds and more are available to be explored and manifested through the conscientious use of design and the choices you make in your décor.

While it may seem a bit far-fetched to enter a squawking jungle every time you open the door to use the restroom and groom yourself in the morning, perhaps you can find ways to accentuate your space that satisfy your wilder longings and also support your daily needs for the bathroom you have in mind.

bathroom into a spa

Lighting Options

Soft, relaxing bathroom lighting is one of the common elements to spas around the world, and one of the easiest, quickest, and effective ways to produce this calming atmosphere is to install a dimming feature to your lighting setup. This modest effort will provide flexibility that produces bright functional light when desired for grooming sessions and the ability to soften the glow and mood in the room with a simple adjustment.

Functional Lighting

Many designers start by choosing a lighting fixture as their source of inspiration for a room. Whether you opt for sconces or glamorous Hollywood lights, they should provide adequate illumination that flanks the sides of your mirror to reduce shadows, and they can be accompanied with an attractive flush or semi-flush ceiling light fixture, or a pendant or chandelier.

Lighting to Set a Mood

The soft, ambient glow of hidden bands of white or tinted light can accentuate your vanity, tub, windows, and other points of interest in the room, and this style of ambient lighting is compatible with most styles of décor.

Lighting fixtures of alabaster, rice paper, and frosted glass will also provide a soft ambient glow and can be installed as sconces, pendants, chandeliers. If your vanity will accommodate small table lamps, they can lend a sense of charm and an ambient glow to the environment.

If you’re aiming for sparkle, why not compliment an engaging chandelier with strings of tiny decorative Christmas lights to create an aura of pristine enchantment in your spa.

Whichever world you wind up in at your personal spa and resort, a set of scented candles can add the final touch to sooth your senses and carry your mind away.

Additional Spa Essentials & Ideas

River-stone mats, bathtub caddies, and plush robes and towels rolled just-so conspire to create an intimate spa experience, and touches like neck supports for your tub and actual spa jets can complete your respite if you’re satisfied with your overall design.

However, if your budget won’t support the new stone tub that would complete your décor, consider the opportunities that are offered in the world of faux painting. Your faux-stone tub can be complimented with a mural or wall art to immerse you in the environment of your dreams.

The wonderful world of design presents a myriad of opportunities to create your own private spa that is readily available whenever the kids are sleeping or you can steal away for a few minutes … or hours. Don’t forget your “Do Not Disturb” sign.


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