Under-Cabinet Lighting Options

Under-Cabinet Lighting Options Under cabinet lighting is all about illumination. Unlike most lighting fixtures, under cabinet lighting options are not chosen based on the appearance of the fixture itself, but rather on the light it provides in the space it is installed. When choosing, you’ll want to consider which workspaces require added light, where they are located in your home,

Tips for Beautiful Bedroom Lighting

There is no other room in the house where lighting is more effective at making a space comfortable than in the bedroom. While style, sophistication, and color palette all play their roles, lighting can help you create a space that is relaxing and restful as well as any single element can. Placement, fixture choice, and level of illumination are all

Vendor Feature: Hudson Valley Lighting

The intriguing and eclectic designs created by our lighting vendor, Hudson Valley Lighting, offer a full range of lighting style options that vary from elegant neoclassical to very attractive industrial. As you scroll through Hudson Valley Lighting’s design offerings, it’s easy to be impressed with the fine quality of craftsmanship and the organic creativity that greets you with every fixture.

4 Ideas for Stylish, Unique Light Fixtures on the Market

While a neutral palette and classic styling will make your décor scheme acceptable, finding just the right piece to capture the current style, while giving your place the unique feeling of your space is something that every home owner strives for. There are a wide variety of unique light fixtures on the market that do just that. You are sure

The Difference between Good Lighting and Bright Lighting

Many homeowners have a tendency to think of lighting only in terms of how much illumination it provides. While bright lighting is certainly a key in surgery suites, bright lighting is not always good lighting when it comes to your home décor. Factors such as how the light shapes the room and the interplay between light and color in your

Top Color Trends in 2015

Whether you want to freshen up a look, redo a new home you are moving into, or you are designing the home of your dreams, color scheme is a great (and fun!) place to start. With the twenty-first century in full swing, it has been “anything goes”, but word on the street is color is back, and bold as ever.

All About LED Lighting Fixtures

New trends can be just that, a trend. But in the case of LED lighting fixtures, this trend is here to stay. With traditional tungsten bulbs becoming obsolete, as homeowners we need to think carefully about what type of lighting we will use going forward. LED lights are a good option. Allow me to explain…   What Is LED lighting

Product Feature: Swarovski & Schonbek Crystal Chandeliers

Nothing polishes off a room or gives a ‘wow factor’ quite like a beautiful chandelier. Whether you need additional lighting in your space, or would just like to create a focal point that adds drama and character, the right chandelier can make a huge impact on your interior décor. When selecting a chandelier, there are many things to consider, including

Bathroom Vanity Lighting 101

When thinking about dressing up your bathroom, one trend in bath styling is the move towards more open, airy, lighter spaces. The latest style has moved toward a more natural look. Adding specialty task lighting around bathroom vanities is one way to achieve a sophisticated, layered look, while adding necessary value at the same time. It’s always a good idea

Home Décor Tip: Incorporate an Accent Color

Whether you’re looking to freshen up your kitchen, makeover your bedroom, or give your living room a lift, you can incorporate an accent color – it’s the perfect solution for all your home decor dilemmas! What Is An Accent Color? A home decor accent color is any color that’s used to unify a particular room or living space; it can highlight a