Top Color Trends in 2015

Whether you want to freshen up a look, redo a new home you are moving into, or you are designing the home of your dreams, color scheme is a great (and fun!) place to start. With the twenty-first century in full swing, it has been “anything goes”, but word on the street is color is back, and bold as ever. The good news is we are still looking at a wide variety of palettes to choose from, so you are sure to find something to suit your style. Here are a couple color trends that seem to be topping the 2015 list of color styles.


Sixties Shades are Hip Again

color_swatchFrom muted blues, to olive green, to robust, rusty oranges, the era of free love is finding its way back on to the decorating scene. The color trends of 2015 uses a palette of fun shades, without being overly youthful. It lends itself to casual interiors and semi-formal spaces especially well. Neutrals in this category tend to be bolder, with gray topping the charts. In fact, it seems to be a favorite in several categories. Groovy, baby!


Blast from the Past

The way past, that is. Historical inspiration is extremely popular with designers who are digging into the Renaissance master’s art works for color transformations that are timeless, yet effortlessly modern. Colors from this era include, bright blues, olive greens and, again, the clear winner, neutral gray. This palette is a bit more sophisticated and works exceptionally well in classical interiors that are just a bit more formal.


Colors to Look For This Year

Those looking for the “it” colors of 2015 are sure to find a lot of Greek Blue, Olive Green and Neutral Gray. These top color trends are not only beautiful in their own right, but each has a unique interplay with the light in your space, that tends to color the room. You can’t go wrong here, so be bold and feel free to experiment.

  • Blues create calming spaces, and are used by many designers as primary shades in bed and bath décor. They are a classy, fun accent color.
  • Greens are very restful on the eyes, and create a sense of welcome and comfort, making them great in any room.
  • Grays are supportive hues that go well with any color, and can be used to bridge other colors together for a cohesive look.


Introducing Color Trends

It’s tempting to rush right out and buy five gallons of the latest color to tint your rooms, but introducing trendy colors can be done more subtly as well. Try adding accent pieces in the trend colors of your choice into your existing scheme. Bright colors will draw attention, so take that into consideration. Calmer shades will blend in easily, and can almost disappear into existing decor.

Pillows, side tables, picture frames, small furniture pieces, and art are all great ways to introduce new colors, without the need to redecorate the entire space. Light fixtures can also play a huge role. Selecting a lamp, or fixture shade in the color of your choice, creates a pop of color in its place, and spreads that color to surrounding surfaces.


A Word or Two about Light Selection

Whether your lights contain the color, or are merely exposing it, choose wisely. Light has a huge role to play in what colors are exhibited, and which are toned down. Choose focused lights, such as small table lamps, and pendants, to provide light where you want to highlight a color. Use ceiling or wall mounted fixtures to spread color to surrounding surfaces.

Consider illumination as well as fixture type. Low voltage lamps will accent a small space, while higher wattage instruments will cover more area. There are a wide variety of bulbs available for different fixtures to get just the effect you want. For more lighting trends, tips, news, and updates, sign up for our monthly eNewsletter!

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