Add Overall Feeling of Comfort with Bedside Reading Lamps

Home is where the heart is. The bedroom certainly embodies all that is warm, soft, and restful. In this inner sanction, the lighting affects mood and comfort, especially after a long day. Naturally, choosing the correct lighting depends upon its purpose. Bedside reading lamps are available in different sizes, decorative styles, and mounting options.

When considering what addition you wish to make, often times it’s important to sit in the room and contemplate what you would like. In some cases, it may be relaxing in bed, reading a book, or working on your tablet. Bedside reading lamps can be on a table or mounted on the wall and ceiling. And, there is something to be said for a bedside lamp that is maneuverable for focusing the light – or the mini chandelier to offer a pampered and luxurious feel to the room overall.

Nightstand Lights

IMG_5414Ideally, placing a light on the bedside table would cast enough light for reading, while keeping the light level comfortable and warm for the rest of the room for a traditional feel. Figuring the first place to begin is the bedside nightstand, the portables by Kichler and the Minka Group are for the modern space.

They offer pieces that include the tapered shade, which is best for reading, adding more of a pool for the book pages to be lighted. The colors and textures of the lamp bases and shades allow for the designer to consider many options in adding a splash of color or presenting the lamp as an artful piece in and of itself. Many times the option to spotlight the light is available, thus showing the importance of it and giving it due diligence.

Mounted Lights

Mounted bedside reading lamps allow the reader to enjoy a focused light in a variety of colors, styles, and design. Sometimes I find the single sconces book ending the bed, or I like having a string of them across the wall and above for the function of bedside reading lamps. No matter what you prefer, Quoizel wall lighting has a stunning selection. They range from the classic and demure to the modern and artistic. The Feiss collection appeals to me as it also includes the traditional to the modern, as well as some truly artful pieces that individually add to the decor of bedside lighting.

Pendant Lights

As you well know, bedside reading lamps are not limited to the table. They can hang with grace from the ceiling in order to give focused lighting. When used for reading in bed, a single lamp or three in a row give sufficient lighting to avoid eye fatigue while eliminating the need for a bedside table, freeing up space. They are available in a range of styles – from the classic and austere to lending the feeling of playfulness or frivolity to the atmosphere to the room. One of my favorites is the Brantley, with its curved globe, adding a touch of softness to the room. For the more modern slant, the Quoizel line offers an artful and unique set, which in themselves add character to the bedroom setting.

Accessorize With Style

Sometimes you see something in the store you cannot resist – for example just yesterday you may have purchased a beautiful piece of glass with swirled colors within it. At the time, your thought was only of how pretty it was. Now, you must find a home for it. You have decided upon a mounted light focused upon the piece of glass to show off all the colors. For this, you would choose something like the Feiss wall bracket. Though nice looking in its own right, it does not bring too much attention to itself and will not detract from the piece of art it is spotlighting. Plus, it eliminates the need for a drab spotlight with no character and seeming out of place.

Regardless of style, The Lighting Gallery can cover all the needs of decorating a home. Having formed a good working relationship with numerous vendors, The Lighting Gallery can accommodate the traditional styles to the ultimate and unique. With years of experience, The Lighting Gallery focuses on the needs of the project, while bringing current trends and new ideas to the art of home.

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