5 Reasons to Shop Local in Grand Forks, ND this Holiday Season

Grand Forks, its home – for my business and my family. This city promises to be a place of growth for those in all walks of life: family, community involvement, business, individually, health, and more. And as the community’s members grow, so does the city.

And one of the easiest ways to support Grand Forks, and the people that call it home, is by shopping local this holiday season. Our local businesses have everything you need for your holiday gifts and celebrations. Hugo’s and Hornbacher’s have what you need for your meals and baked goods. Sky’s, the Toasted Frog, or Brick and Barley Bar and Restaurant are great refueling and rehydrating destinations on your local shopping trip. And your options for gifts are endless, whether shopping for your kids or your mother-in-law; you’re guaranteed to find something at a local shop in Grand Forks, ND.

I’ve already hinted at a few of my reasons for shopping local this holiday, but I have five – so let’s start from the top.

#1. Support and Grow Our Community

As community members, we all have a responsibility to uphold the Grand Forks Promise: You want a place to…raise a family, be involved, have a business, feel secure, be active, have a home, raise yourself…you want to grow. Growth with us. By shopping local, you help grow the community by ensuring more of your money stays in Grand Forks and by supporting your neighbors that own a local business or work at one.


#2. Find What You are Looking For

Sustainable Connections states, “A multitude of small businesses, each selecting products based not on a national sales plan but on their own interests and the needs of their local customers guarantees a much broader range of product choices.” The local Grand Forks businesses are sure to have the gift you are looking for. From clothing boutiques, gift shops, toy, furniture, lighting, pet and sweets stores – and the list goes on – there is something for everyone on your list. While you may still need to buy the latest toy or tech gift, most people on your list are crossing their fingers for the unique gifts that are often found at local stores.

#3. Increase Opportunities in Grand Forks

By shopping local, you create a demand for service. You create job opportunities that are best filled by local community members. Together, employees and customers foster a passion for the city we live and shop in!

#4. Protect Our Earth

Compared to big-box retailers and chain restaurants, local businesses operate in a much earth-friendlier manner. Check out the infographic at the end of this blog for stats, but for now it’s good for you to know that small businesses require much less processing, packaging and transportation resources to serve their customers. Their environmental footprint is much smaller (and the theoretical shoes they’re wearing are much cuter, I would imagine).

#5. Have Fun

You know those Christmas movies or commercials where capped and gloved kids are peeking in store fronts, or happy couples are walking hand-in-hand down a snowy downtown street, shopping bags in tow? Those scenes give me the warm-fuzzies that I await every year when the holidays roll around. This is what shopping local during the holidays feels like! You can pop in an out of shops finding the perfect gifts and checking things of your list. When you need a break, stop at a local coffeehouse, brewery or restaurant to warm up with a drink or bite to eat. Shopping local can be an event, rather than a to-do on your list.


Now, I’ll wrap this up, but I’ll want to leave you with an infographic Credit Donkey created to show why where you shop is an important decision you should consider during the holidays. I hope to see you in the gallery soon!


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