4 Outdoor Lighting Techniques Sure to Make an Impression

With summer in full swing, we’re enjoying the weather and trying to spend as much time outside as possible. Grilling, bonfires and watersports are favorite summer past-times in our family.

With more time on our deck and patio, we pay closer attention to the exterior of our home. We’ve planted the annuals, watered the perennials, uncovered the deck furniture and fired up the grill.

This year, dress up your favorite spaces with lighting techniques that will make an impression without breaking the bank. Not sure where to start? Check out these options:

  1. Uplighting
    Uplighting is to illuminate an area, surface or object from below to create a focal point in your landscaping. To do this, a spot light is typically used to showcase a tree in the foreground, while the home in the background remains dark. Uplighting is a great way to showcase flowering trees and other features that are at eye-level or above.
  2. Shadowing
    This technique places the light in front of an object, which then casts a shadow on the surface behind an object (typically, the house). This effect can add depth and interest to the exterior of your home, while also adding enhanced safety by calling to attention the home’s exterior.
  3. Deck lighting
    We often spend so much time and money on the building of the deck and the perfect furniture, but rarely do we factor in the lighting that will truly make your deck unique, not to mention more functional. Deck lighting has the power to improve the safety of your deck by highlighting the stairs and also makes the deck more noticeable and appealing.
  4. Path Lighting
    Path lighting is likely the most common form of outside lighting techniques. Along with improving the safety of your walkways, path lighting can also enhance dynamic landscaping elements like flower beds, shrubbery and borders. A mixture of high and low path lights can give your walkways a brighter look and a feel that is welcoming and inviting to you and your guests.

Other Things to Consider when Planning your Outdoor Lighting 

  • Electrical needs – How will your outside lighting features tie into your home’s power supply? How much power will you need for the lighting styles you’ve selected?
  • Digging restrictions – Are there any sprinkler, cable, telephone or power lines in your outdoor space to be aware of when digging for your exterior lighting?
  • Focal points – What do you want to stand out? What areas need additional safety features?
  • LED or traditional bulbs? LED bulbs are typically a more affordable and long-lasting option for outdoor spaces. Do your selected lighting features work with LED bulbs?
  • DIY or Call in the Pros? While simple stake lights can easily be installed over the weekend, lighting designers offer a more unique, stunning display and can handle the project from start to finish.

Planning a beautiful, well-lit outdoor space can be overwhelming. If you’re dreaming of a beautiful outdoor living space but none of the hassle, we’d love to help. Reach out and we’ll come check out your outside space and create a plan specifically for your space around your budget.

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