Why Low Voltage Landscape Lighting?

Landscape lighting refers to different types of outdoor lighting fixtures and consists of versatile, weatherproof lights that are used for lighting doorways, stone walls, flower beds, pathways, trees, fences, driveways and other outdoor features. Choosing your landscape lighting can impact the look of your outdoor landscape and the amount of money you’ll pay for your monthly bills. Low voltage landscape lighting consumes less power compared to other types of lighting. This low voltage system operates on a paltry 12 volts as compared to other systems that serve the same purpose at high voltage of 120 volts. There are many benefits accrued from using low voltage systems. Most homes are slowly adopting this system due to its merits that range from security to comfort.

Here are the reasons why low voltage outdoor lighting is the best choice:


One of the greatest reasons why you should choose this system is its safety. The 12 volts used for running this application is very safe as compared to other systems that require 120 volts. The low current used in this system is harmless to its user, hence minimizes cases of electric shocks. Although they are mainly for outdoor applications, the dangers associated with bad weather such as rainfall, are remote due to its low voltage and the weatherproof properties. The application of this lighting system is best suited for adults and children who are often exposed to dangers of potential electrocution. Outdoor illumination helps to keep criminals and other unwanted people away, thereby enhancing the security of the home and its occupants. This is why experts recommend low voltage landscape lighting in both residential and commercial landscape lighting applications.


This low voltage landscape lighting is affordable in terms of both installation and general maintenance. Low voltage helps to minimize the utility costs, thus allowing a homeowner to save. Additionally, low voltage bulbs available in the market are affordable and have low maintenance costs. The high voltage system can only light bulbs of 50 watts and above, whereas the low voltage system can light a bulb whose voltage is as low as 2 watts. Due to its simplicity, less material goes into its installation, as compared to other lighting systems that are available on the market.

Easy Installations

Installing this system is easier and economical than the high voltage system, which requires a permit from the local authority, leading to increased costs. Another disadvantage of high voltage system is its requirement to bury all lines as deep as 18 inches or more, and the regulation that all connections must be accessible in junction boxes. Low lighting system saves you all this trouble, as it only requires cables to be placed above or below the ground at any depth and a functional transformer. It allows for expansion depending on the lighting needs.

Return on Investment

Low voltage landscape lighting systems raises both the original value of the property and its resale value thus earning home sellers more profit. The low voltage translates to low costs leading to increased savings. Additionally, the lighting appliances are cheaper to obtain and maintain and this reduces the costs.


low_voltage_lightingLow voltage outdoor lighting improves the beauty of your home given that the bulbs used have a higher color quality as compared to the other lighting systems. Additionally, they comprise of smaller fixtures that blend well with your landscape making it more beautiful. With this system, you benefit from the choice of arranging and re-arranging the bulbs to suit your beauty desires, thus adding to the drama and enjoyment of your landscape’s beauty. It allows for both up lighting and down lighting, which is more flexible as opposed to other systems that only operate down-lighting. To cap it all, you enjoy your outdoor spaces and a beautiful landscape during both day and night.

Mineral Side Effects

Most low voltage landscape installations use MR16 light bulbs in their lighting applications. The MR16 light bulbs are known for their mineral safety, because they lack mercury content. This is in contrast to the mercury vapor light bulbs used by other lighting systems. The mercury vapor bulbs have a high content of mercury that harms both the environment and the users. Additionally, mercury from the disposal bulbs is allowed back to the ground, thereby affecting the surrounding plants. Your landscaping is likely to be affected by this mercury due to the degradation of the soil near the lighting systems. With MR16 bulbs, you have many lighting options to choose from because it allows you to control the lighting and every aspect of your landscaping. Low voltage landscaping provides many options for lighting techniques and specialty requirements because it can efficiently run more than 200 bulbs.

Installing low voltage landscape lighting is a very advantageous for homeowners looking for better and cost-effective lighting. 

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