Vendor Feature: Hudson Valley Lighting

The intriguing and eclectic designs created by our lighting vendor, Hudson Valley Lighting, offer a full range of lighting style options that vary from elegant neoclassical to very attractive industrial. As you scroll through Hudson Valley Lighting’s design offerings, it’s easy to be impressed with the fine quality of craftsmanship and the organic creativity that greets you with every fixture.


The owner of Hudson Valley Lighting, David Littman, explains that “Hudson Valley Lighting is about more than lighting; it’s about a lifestyle. We design and build beautiful fixtures for people who put quality first, for people who are not willing to trade-off that increasingly rare characteristic. Our goal is to make a space look absolutely incredible.” Littman knows that in order to attain this goal, his products must be “within the reach of customers who understand the lasting value of well-made fixtures, but cannot simply disregard price entirely.” After 28 years in the business, the offerings from Hudson Valley Lighting achieve a unique balance of beauty, high-quality workmanship, and value that are quite impressive, and are a hallmark of the Hudson Valley Lighting brand.

The Hudson Valley Lighting Company is composed of five brands that showcase the exquisite creations from five stellar designers who are masters of their designing craft.


Corbett Lighting

The fantastic and elegant lighting creations from Corbett Lighting were awarded the 22nd and 23rd annual ARTS Awards for their spectacular expressions in lighting design. Many of the fabulous lighting fixtures produced by Corbett Lighting are inspired by cosmic sunbursts and convey the enchantment of gazing at the stars. These awe-inspiring, exquisite lighting fixtures are sculptural expressions of magnificent whimsy.


The Sonneman Collection

Robert Sonneman is considered “Lighting’s Modern Master.” He pioneered contemporary lighting, crafting a perfect blend of the utility of light into an expression of modern and minimalist art. His award-winning designs have been at the forefront of the design world for almost five decades, since the introduction of the Sonneman line in the 1960s, and many of Robert’s lighting designs have become classics of the modern era.


Troy Lighting

Troy Lighting exhibits a catalog of rustic and organically sourced interior and exterior landscape designs that can be utilized both indoors and outdoors. In fact, many of Troy Lighting’s exterior lanterns are used indoors because the designs are refreshing and eclectic. The Troy line features fixtures constructed from hand-forged iron, wood, hand applied finishes and glass and shades that perfectly compliment the organic designs. Troy Lighting is committed to providing quality highly styled products at reasonable prices.


Creative Systems Lighting

The CSL division of Troy lighting contains a catalog efficient, user-friendly and affordable lighting designs oriented for the needs of architects, designers, and those with specific lighting needs.


Reflective Luminaire Manufacturer

The RLM division of Troy Lighting offers commercial and industrial lighting designs that are unique, modern, contemporary, and transitional in styling.

With the unique variety of designs and styling options contained under the canopy of Hudson Valley Lighting, it’s easy to understand why this intriguing company is cherished by so many. David Littman strives to incorporate inspirations from all factions of design that express the vast inheritance of the Hudson Valley, where his company is located. From the wild open fields to the industrial centers, to the sleek elegance of Manhattan, Hudson Valley Lighting expresses the past through the present, and reach into futuristic designs that launch off into the stratosphere. We invite you to browse the vast catalog of Hudson Valley Lighting.


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