Under-Cabinet Lighting Options

Under-Cabinet Lighting Options

Under cabinet lighting is all about illumination. Unlike most lighting fixtures, under cabinet lighting options are not chosen based on the appearance of the fixture itself, but rather on the light it provides in the space it is installed. When choosing, you’ll want to consider which workspaces require added light, where they are located in your home, and the amount of light they’ll need.

The most common room under cabinet lighting can be found is in the kitchen, but there is also a place for it in many other rooms within your home. Bathrooms, living rooms, offices, closets, and garages frequently house cabinets that can also benefit from under-cabinet lighting.




Under cabinet lighting is primarily used to provide more direct illumination on work areas. For example, most kitchen under-cabinet systems are used to light counter tops for meal preparation.


Additionally, this layer of lighting adds drama and style to your space. When attached to a dimmer, the lighting can be adjusted to change the mood or used as safety lighting during the evening.


So whether you’re chopping vegetables for your evening meal, filing papers at your built-in desk or trying to navigate your closet early in the morning when you’re not quite ready for full light, under-cabinet lighting is there to help.



The two most frequently installed under-cabinet lighting systems are:

  1. Linear
  2. Puck


Within each type of lighting system you have additional options, such as bulb type and size, too. When you are ready to discuss these details, it is best to consult a lighting expert, because which you choose will be based on a number of variables.




Linear Under-Cabinet Lighting

Linear under cabinet lighting is long in length, generally stretching the entire span of your cabinets and providing consistent radiance. Most frequently this lighting gets installed at the front of your cabinets so it can provide the brightest light directly on your workspace.


Puck Under-Cabinet Lighting

This lighting system looks just like it is named. Round, puck shaped lights are installed underneath your cabinets to provide a more concentrated splash of light. Unlike the linear systems, puck lighting does not provide even lighting to your space; instead, these pools of light create an appealing, dramatic look.


Quick Tips

Regardless of the lighting system you install, here are a few quick tips from Kichler:

  • Use a length (or quantity) commensurate with the size of the cabinet. You want to fill the full length of the cabinet with light, of course allowing space for accessories and attachments.
  • Avoid dark spots. Install a lighting unit under each cabinet section. Don’t skip one, assuming the light will spill over to the neighboring area.
  • Avoid dark spots. They will make the countertops look uneven.


Under-cabinet lighting is one of the best forms of task-lighting available, especially for work spaces that are far from the primary light source or that receive subdued light due to surrounding furniture (i.e. cabinets, shelves, etc.). In addition to being multi-functional, under-cabinet lighting is also appealing. This added layer of light gives you the flexibility to choose the amount of illumination based on your activity and mood.


For assistance choosing the under-cabinet lighting for your home, request a free consultation with a lighting designer.


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