Top Summer Decor Trends for 2015

You can’t love great lighting as much as I do and not love great décor as well – they go hand in hand! That’s why I love being able to carry great home décor items and accents in my gallery, along with stunning fixtures. Many of you have asked “Sonia, what are some of the fun, top decor trends for summer?” – it’s a great question, and one that I have fun answering! Read on to find out…

Beach House Look

The beach house look is back in full force this summer and includes colors ranging from mint and sea-green to sky blue and coral. Yellow also seems to be making a comeback this summer, as it aids a light, airy feel to the blues and greens often found in beach house designs.

beachy-summer-living-roomDon’t be mistaken; the beach house look isn’t just for beach houses. This summery look can be found in townhouses, apartments, or houses-anywhere you want a touch of the beach-life in your home. This is fan favorite; I have seen many rooms and homes decorated stylishly with the beach house theme, complete with surfboards and boating accents throughout, to add an eye-catching accent here and there. How fun!

Shades of Blue

If you like blue like so many do, you’ll love the fact that people are crazy about all shades of blue this summer! The key is to mix different shades of blue in with other shades, like light blue, cobalt blue, or sky blue, all within one room. This innovative obsession with blue creates a stunning contrast in places that need a lift, and also add class to a dining room or living area. It seems like the ocean and beach theme are being continued in the design colors we’re seeing this summer.

Canning Jar Style Lights

A massively growing trend right now is incorporating lights that look like they’re made from canning jars. Because of the unique and creative style it provides, this can be the perfect summer look. Whether you’re looking for a fun patio light, or some new pendants above a bar or island, canning jar style lights are industrial, creative, modern, and stylish.

A variety of our vendors are sure to have just the kind of canning jar style light fixture you’re looking for to follow this chic, fun trend.

Elegance is In

While blues and greens are in, along with beach house looks, elegance is also popular. Using lots of white and beige with a slightly Victorian look from furniture keeps the elegant looks in style. One living area style often featured is a long sectional in the center of the room, beige chairs in the corner, and a black grand piano in the background. Gorgeous, right? A black and white combination coupled with the beige and white divan and sectional creates a fresh, airy effect that nicely accents anyone’s home.

Let There be Light

Aside from the color trends and deciding canning jars make good lighting fixtures, the indoor lighting scene is changing a bit too this summer. Modern lighting is “in” this summer, in bold colors, like small colorful table lamps in a multitude of colors like read, blue, and green. Wall lighting seems to also be trending and can be found in bathrooms, living areas, and bedrooms alike. Also, bold colors like metallic gold overhanging lighting fixtures add a special touch to a dining room area that lacks personality.

In a Nutshell…

Whatever your taste, you’ll find something you love in summer decor that you can use to accent your home. From trending bold table lamps to white or blue hues, beach house accents and airy designs, there’s so much to be enjoyed with stylish, trendy summer decor.

Don’t be afraid to be creative. When considering any of these approaches, decide first if it’s right for you! Don’t just pick a decor style because you like the color or because it is considered “in style”. Instead, think about how it reflects your own personality and lifestyle, and then go with what feels right for you. After all, you might show it off to friends when you have them over for a party or a summer pool party, but you’re the one who has to live with it!

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