Top 8 Home Lighting Trends on the Market

Lighting trends are expanding and changing. I recently took a trip to market and am so excited about whats new on the market in terms of lighting trends – let me tell you! I couldn’t wait to share my findings with you, so here we go! I hope you’ll be inspired by these lighting trends. Use them to spark a style interest or bring out a design preference you have tucked away. These home lighting trends offer variety, excitement, and subtle nods to your decor. There’s a style waiting for you to discover.

Ok, let’s get to the top eight market lighting trends and see which ones fit your fancy.


I’m going to dare to say that in three years nearly every light fixture will be integrated with LED lighting. It’s an area that continues to see innovation, improvement, and technology advancements. Spaces and rooms are being introduced to this lighting in non-traditional ways. Bathrooms are incorporating decorative fixtures. Closets are featuring functional lighting. No space is off limits and LED is the way of the future.

2016_market_trends_oversize.jpg2.  Mixed metals and more

I enjoy how this home lighting trend is evolving. There are no rules when it comes to mixing metals and finishes, and this trend is becoming more and more popular. In fact, it’s becoming the new normal. Combining the elements you adore is possible with the variety of vendors that our showroom features. The uniqueness and diversity is waiting to unfold for you.


Bigger is better. This trend is all about drama. Oversized domes are the latest craze in the lighting world creating an over-the-top statement. They can be used to anchor a room, create an instant focal point, and add personal charm. A supersized pendant is bound to put the perfect exclamation point on your style.


4.   Drums, drums, and more drums

Drum lighting adds a refined style. It’s a home lighting trend that has a subtle yet attractive look. Fabric drums give uniformed light distribution throughout the room. These are great in a bedroom, living room, or office. Linen drums add a delicate touch. Floor lamps, side lamps, pendants, flash-mounts, and chandeliers are all candidates for this style of lighting. This lighting trend is clean, simple, and stylish.

5.   Geometric shapes2016_market_trends_geometric.jpg

Think outside the box with this style. This is a contemporary option that is sure to make a statement. It’s unique, abstract, and modern in design and adds an artistic flair. Clusters that include a long pan with six to eight hanging pendants are a delightful way to display geometric fixtures. It is visually interesting and this style is a great way to draw interest and showcase creativity.

6.   Orbs = open

Open, airy, and elegant. This home lighting trend is elegant and stately. The open sphere design allows for combinations aplenty. Mixed finishes such as nickel, wrought iron, and other heavy metals with contrasting glass is one combination. To achieve a down to earth style, pair natural wood elements with a sleek, black metal finish. Simply changing up the light cluster within the orb is another option, too. Orb fixtures bring that fun restoration feel to a room.

7.   CAGE variety

This trend is full of variety. What typically made an appearance in foyers and entryways is now populating in more non-traditional spaces. It’s becoming a one-for-one replacement in mudrooms, hallways, or ceiling mounted fixtures in lieu of the well known recessed lighting. This style is also popular over kitchen islands and dining room tables. With numerous finishes available, this industrial lighting trend can be incorporated with décor design for a cohesive look. From Nantucket to Mediterranean and everything in-between, cage lighting is on point.

8.   brass is Back2016_market_trends.jpg

Hands down, the number one trending finish is brass. It’s sharp, crisp, and displays beautiful copper type undertones. Brass is an elegant way to highlight architecture or favorite features of your home. This finish warms up a space and effortlessly creates continuity.


I’m thrilled to share these lighting trends, and hope it’s sparked some inspiration for you. Whether you’re starting with a clean slate, working on a remodel, or just looking to update one room at a time, your sacred spaces deserve the best lighting. Any one of our lighting experts would be delighted to help you put that inspiration into action!

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