Sky’s – A Classic, Eclectic Restaurant in Downtown Grand Forks

There are so many reasons to love Grand Forks. In September 2015, another reason was added to Downtown – an upscale, fine dining establishment unlike any other in Grand Forks. 

Sky’s Restaurant (formerly Sanders 1907) is located in the Edgewood Corporate Plaza on DeMers Ave. Having been purchased by new owners, they wanted something unique, classy and warm. They got everything they could have imagined in their new, beautiful space that brings in both a local and regional crowd.

Initially, the new owners hired a national designer to design the interior of the building – from layout and flow of the restaurant to colors and lighting. After a few months, working with the Los Angeles designer didn’t pan out. Sky’s enlisted the help a local design team Bloom Scott Design Studio. Jaime Trueblood of Modern Plains Design and Michelle Bloom of Michelle Bloom Interiors make up the Bloom Scott Design duo, focusing on commercial interiors.

Bloom Scott Design had worked with The Lighting Gallery over the years on many projects and knew the reputation Sonia and her team had for beautiful lighting and superior service. After sitting down with Bloom Scott Design, we uncovered a few specific reasons they chose to work with Sonia and her team at The Lighting Gallery.

  1. Style & Guidance
    There are several special areas in Sky’s that called for unique lighting solutions. There was not a one-style fits all light.
    “Sonia is known for thinking outside the box and providing a solution that is as unique as it is beautiful,” Jaime said. “Even the hanging bulbs, she didn’t hang them all at one height, she staggered them to increase their visual appeal. The square, inset bar lights are another example. They’re arranged in a such a way that they’re not all uniform. It’s an element that not everyone would notice, but the attention to detail adds so much value.”RosayPhotography-9537.jpg
  2. Service Behind the Sale
    Bloom Scott Design had worked with Sonia and her team on prior commercial projects and knew the care and effort they put in.
    “There are bound to be issues in a project of this scale,” the Bloom Scott Design team said. “But Sonia took ownership of them, even when it wasn’t her product that was the problem. She puts a great deal of pride, care and ownership into every project she does. We knew that about her and that’s why we continue to work with her.”
    For every aspect of lighting, details as small as light bulbs, The Lighting Gallery stands behind their sale and provides top-level service.
  3. Experience & Knowledge
    Sonia did walk-throughs and rough-ins with the electricians, a service that big box stores simply would not provide.
    “We knew that we would need special provisions in certain areas, but we didn’t know what they were or how to convey that to the electrician. Sonia came in and took charge to ensure we had everything we needed behind the walls so when it came time to install the lighting, we didn’t run into any surprises,” Michelle said.
  4. Selection
    The Lighting Gallery offers a beautiful gallery in Grand Forks with lighting options galore. But, that’s not the selection Sonia and her team are limited to. If you can dream it, they can get it. From the most standard of lights to the most eclectic. The Lighting Gallery works with your style and budget to create the space that’s perfect for you.

The Lighting Gallery was proud to serve on a local design team that delivered a classic, eclectic design solution for Sky’s.

“It was a fun project to work on,” Sonia said. “It’s gratifying to see that we have the talent and resources locally to produce something that is as beautiful as Sky’s is.”



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