Save Money with LED Garden Lights

LED_Garden_LightsLighting for most dwellings presents a unique puzzle, finding a balance between beauty, utility and energy usage which can become dizzying at times. Exterior lighting is an undeniable attractive feature, but not all are willing or able to afford the additional strain to their finances. The cure for this predicament I have realized, can often be found in low voltage garden lights.
Rather than forgoing the incredible effects of outdoor lights, simple solutions which will decrease the pull on electrical power such as LED lights are both cost effective and beautiful. However, unlike solar lights, LED garden lights provide even more benefits to the landscape and pocketbook.

Six Benefits of LED Garden Lights

1- Save Plants, Foliage and Fabrics

Delicate plants and other surrounding materials can be affected by the additional heat that higher voltage lights can produce. This heat is a natural byproduct of the energy production, but is greatly diminished by a lower voltage choice. With LED lighting, the cooler lighting lessen the fear of damage to delicate foliage while opening up a wealth of possibilities for landscaping foliage and lighting combinations. Fabrics and other less durable materials which are more prone to develop heat related fading, warping, curling or other unsavory effects can be reasonably illuminated without the added concern associated with these common side effects with close proximity of higher voltage lighting such as halogens.

2- Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency is in high demand and the LED garden lights delivers. I have found that in comparison, the LED bulb will typically use only about 20 percent of the energy that is required for an incandescent bulb. That is an immediate savings that cannot be denied.

3- Safer

I appreciate the LED garden lights which are considered a safer alternative to incandescent and halogen lights due to the electricity used to produce the same results. LED may require as little as 12 volts, while the other bulbs may utilized the full 110 volts produced by a standard outlet.

4- Longer Use

The fun saying “It’s better to burn out than to fade away” should not apply when it comes to lighting choices. LED garden lighting provides a longer use solution which limits the costs associated with replacement. This is possible through the decrease wear associated with higher levels of energy to the elements of the bulb itself. On average, LED garden lights will last for 50 times longer than other choices such as incandescent and halogen.

5- Higher Versatility

When talking with homeowners the term LED garden lights raises some concern. For many it gives the impression that the lower energy consumption will also produce a lower quality of lighting. However, LEDs are just as brilliant as their counterparts and promise a higher versatility than their counterparts, making them highly desirable.

6- Security

One hidden, or overlooked benefit of LED garden lights is the security they provide to a residence or dwelling. It is a well-known fact that criminals shy away from locations which are well lit. With the energy savings and increased design possibilities presented by LED garden lights, the ability to illuminate the home is dramatically increased.

These are but six benefits of LED lighting that can quickly be recognized. When planning outdoor lighting it is important to consider all of the options available, not just the placement of the bulbs themselves.

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