Re-energize Your Walls With Decorative Wall Lights

Decorative wall lights are perfect for putting a finishing touch on any room in your home. They are functional as well as beautiful ways to add a bit of décor to an otherwise empty wall, and can add just enough lighting to eliminate unnecessary lamps or light fixtures. Decorative wall lights will transform a room with their modern touch, while the homeowner has an endless number of options for these ornamental additions.


Decorative_wall_lightInstallation of decorative wall lights is simple, as you can choose from hard-wired designs, or standard designs that simply plug into the wall outlet. Start out by assessing the space available for your lighting unit and plan whether or not you can install a light that has a cord, or one that is hardwired. It is best to install a wall light where there is not room for a lamp, but where the extra light is indeed needed and may be important, such as a place to sit and read. These installations will not only brighten your room, but will fill it with beauty and classic décor.

Decorative wall lights come in every style you can imagine. They are most often used in hallways and bathrooms, but can also make fun additions in any room in your home.

  • Contemporary wall lights have a streamlined look.  They are simpler and don’t have as much detailing. Usually these styles have polished silver-toned metals and look best with a modern style décor. When used in other styles, they offer a minimalistic feel to the home.
  • Traditional wall lights are very reflective of past styles and can be found with tiffany shades or crystals. They offer a more formal look and look best with traditional looks, but will definitely add a more upscale look to any type of style of décor.
  •  Rustic style wall lights have darker finishes, and can display a more distressed look. Sometimes these styles have animal or nature motifs. Although they tend to be seen in a lodge type of interior, they do add a different type of character to the décor.
  •  Transitional style wall lights are typically a cross between contemporary styles and traditional styles. While they don’t have as much as the minimalistic looks, they do have a muted traditional feel to them. These lights will look great in most styles of décor.

Size and Type      

The size of the wall light depends on the amount of light needed in that particular area of the room. The type of light on each fixture will determine how much light will fill the room.

  • Up lights will cast the light upward in a room, creating a lit space towards the top of the room, making it appear bigger. Living rooms, dining rooms, and entryways can benefit from having an up light.
  • Down lights will cast the light downward, making a room seem warmer and more inviting. A large or airy room can benefit from down lights.
  • Up/down lights cast the light both up and down against the wall, making the room have balanced light. This type of decorative wall light works in any type of room.
  • Swing arm lights are lights that can be adjusted so that the light can be on either side or in the middle of the fixture. These wall lights are best for reading when mounted at the bedside, or in a reading nook.

Finish and Color        

All decorative wall lights can be purchased in any style of metal, with any type of glass or any type of shade, depending on the style of the fixture. While there is an array of many different finishes and colors, the most popular finishes include brushed metal, polished metal, brass, wrought iron, cast aluminum, wood, resin, bronze, blown glass, and other natural materials.

In your home, decorative wall lights may be simply used for function, but they will definitely add style and elegance to your home, regardless of where they are mounted. They can add ambiance to a room, or simply be a great way to de-clutter your bedside table. Bedrooms, living rooms, hallways, foyers, bathrooms, and dining rooms can all benefit from decorative wall lights.


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