Purchasing Lighting in Bulk vs. One Light Fixture at a Time

Should you purchase lighting materials in bulk? Should you spend the time and effort purchasing individual lights for various areas of a specific space? Many factors play a role in creating the perfect space. In some situations, there is a need for an experienced professional to aid in every facet of the design. In other cases, though, the project may be streamlined and even simplistic. Nevertheless, it’s important to look at all of your lighting needs and options before making a purchase. Depending on the project at hand, either bulk purchasing of lighting or one light at a time selection may be best.


The Benefits of Purchasing in Bulk

Bulk purchases are one of the most common solutions for contractors. It works very well in situations where numerous products are needed for a space. For example, in housing complexes, apartment buildings, office spaces, and other standardized spaces, purchasing in bulk is ideal. It provides a few key benefits and a few drawbacks …

  • Purchasing in bulk makes it easy to keep each room or space equal as well as the same design-wise. It also makes moving from one room to the next simplistic and straightforward. On the other hand, this may not be beneficial when trying to create style and uniqueness from one space to the next.
  • It can create a boring, expected result. For those situations in which customization and uniqueness are important, bulk purchases miss the point.
  • They can save money. In nearly all cases, the investment in bulk lighting or light fixture purchase will reduce the overall costs. Most manufacturers and vendors offer discounts when large quantities are purchased at one time.
  • In some cases, it ensures equal quality. When buying quality materials from a trusted resource, the quality from one item to the next will be equal. However, the overall quality or value is lessoned because there’s a lack of customization.

The Benefits of Purchasing One At A Time

The flip side of this is purchasing individual lights for each specific space. When choosing a light fixture, designers, contractors, and property owners need to consider one big factor: How much light is appropriate and necessary for this space? Individual light selection allows for this more tailored approach. Nevertheless, it offers a few key drawbacks and benefits users need to keep in mind…

  • Purchasing one light fixture at a time makes it possible to choose unique pieces and styles for any space. This truly can make a difference in the overall look and feel of any space. It can also help you to have an end design that’s very much “you” rather than cookie cutter.
  • You can select quality vendors that meet your specific goals and requirements. Choose the quality of the product you have in your home or space. Know and trust the vendors because you’ve vetted them.
  • Select a style that meets your needs today. Unlike purchasing bulk products, when you buy individual products, you can change the look of any space with a light fixture that meets your tastes. You can then change it out down the road as you see fit without having to replace all lighting in the home.
  • Sometimes this type of individualized purchase can take more time, more design input, and more expense. While you may not be getting a bulk discount, you are still getting ample ability to meet specific needs and you can choose affordable products.


As a property owner, contractor, or designer, you need to make the best buying decision for your situation. The cost savings from buying in bulk may be exactly what you need for your project. On the other hand, you may want to customize every lighting component to create a one-of-a-kind expression of your tastes. In all cases, buying quality products and having a professional install them is ultimately your end goal.

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