Product Feature: Swarovski & Schonbek Crystal Chandeliers

Nothing polishes off a room or gives a ‘wow factor’ quite like a beautiful chandelier. Whether you need additional lighting in your space, or would just like to create a focal point that adds drama and character, the right chandelier can make a huge impact on your interior décor. When selecting a chandelier, there are many things to consider, including scale and style.



Choosing the Right Scale

Your chandelier should complement your décor without overshadowing the entire space in which it will live. Think of your chandelier as the crown jewel that completes your interior decor. A chandelier that is too large may become an eyesore, no matter how beautiful, while a light that is too small may not make much impact, or look out of place.

To determine how large your chandelier should be, decide exactly where the fixture is going to live. Is it for a small, intimate, dining nook, or will it float grandly over the main stair case in a large atrium?

  • Consider the overall size of the room, as well as the size of the specific area to be lit by the chandelier.
  • Take into account the height of the room, since chandeliers have different hanging heights, all which vary considerably.
  • Will it be seen from outside? If so, consider the size of the window the light is viewed through.


Choosing the Style

Style is the decision that sets the stage. First, decide, will your chandelier be an addition to your existing décor, or will you be redecorating around the fixture itself? If the former, choose a chandelier that complements the existing fixtures, if you are redesigning, all bets are off.

  • Choose simple chandeliers for casual spaces. Dark metal frames with fewer crystals work well.
  • Choose more frill elements for a more formal appearance. Silver and gold finishes can look more sophisticated in this type of room.
  • If your space is modern, look for simple, geometric shapes.
  • For a more traditional look, go for round layouts with multiple branches.
  • For the ultimate drama and a truly stunning fixture, consider a crystal chandelier.



Swarovski crystal chandeliers represent the very finest in craftsmanship. From exquisite design to state of the art manufacturing, this German chandelier maker strives to be the best in luxury lighting. Swarovski is also known for their specially designed crystals, with most of their designs revolving around the brilliantly cut baubles.

Swarovski crystals are manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring the most brilliant crystals, which are then hand selected for optical clarity. All of this boils down to the most brilliant sparkling crystals available, for a look that is nothing short of regal.

Swarovski offers upscale fixtures in both traditional and modern stylings for a wide variety of spaces. You are sure to find something you like.



Combining crystal and light has been the passion of the Schonbek brand since 1870. Manufactured in the U.S. since 1972, these beautiful, high fashion lights range from simple contemporary, to opulent. With an eye towards modern interiors, Schonbek’s line also includes lights with fabric shades and mixed metals.

The Schonbek company passion for excellence has led them to many innovations in lighting design and construction, making their lights some of the easiest to maintain. The Schonbek legacy recently added a new chapter as a Schonbek chandelier graced the screen in the ground breaking film, Black Swan.


When selecting a crystal chandelier, choosing a fixture from a great maker is essential, and two of the finest are Swarovski and Schonbek. Both present perfectly designed fixtures fit for palaces. Picking the perfect chandelier is a big decision, but we can help. Take the time to choose the right fixture for your space for an addition to your interior that will bring light to festive occasions for generations to come.

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