Product Feature: Artemis Fans, Minka-Aire

Why Ceiling Fans?

MinkaFanCeiling fans have many benefits, depending on the space they are in and the style chosen. They essentially become part of the room’s décor, provide air circulation and comfort, and can save space. Today they are built more efficient than ever before, featuring motors, controls, and modern blade design that can reduce their weight. Because of updated designs and options, ceiling fans can become a featured piece in a room, rather than an eyesore.

Ceiling fans also save you energy – which essentially saves you money. According to the EPA, 94 million of the 113.6 million residential homes in the United Sates use air conditioning equipment. Studies recommend using a ceiling fan to reduce or eliminate the need for air conditioning. General Electric recent published data that shows that central air uses 5,000 watts of energy, while ceiling fans use a mere 30. If you calculate the costs, running your central air for 5 hours a day for one month will cost you over $114, while running a ceiling fan 24 hours a day for one month will cost you less than $4.


Why the Artemis fan?

Artemis fans have several notable features. Its unique design, as you can see, boasts three contoured and aerodynamic blades and an integrated halogen light with an etched glass and full dimming options. The fan comes in a variety of colors and finishes, making it the perfect option for several different rooms and spaces. Artemis fans have impressive airflow and are extremely efficient.

The Artemis fan is not only functional, but beautiful as well. When running, the fan blades flow into one another, emphasizing its seamless and elegant design. This exquisite fan was also included in the permanent design collection of the Chicago Museum of Architecture and Design.


Why Minka-Aire?

Minka-Aire not only provides top-of-the-line, superior products, but a comprehensive and exciting collection of ceiling fans. They deliver an unparalleled combination of form, function, and design. From classic to contemporary styles, Minka-Aire fans are engineers for performance and maximum comfort, regardless of the size of your space.

Quality hardware and design define the Minka Group®. A competitive advantage for the Minka Group® is their manufacturing expertise which lies in brass, wrought iron, cast aluminum, wood and resin, featured throughout their many brands. All Minka lights feature high quality but each brand differs in design to provide for varying style preferences, price ranges and functions.

While remaining committed to quality, all Minka Group® lighting brands differ in design and craftsmanship to provide for varying style preferences, price ranges and functions. The Minka Group® has become a leader in the decorative lighting industry. As a company, they pride themselves on the quality and workmanship of each and every fixture produced.

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