How to Get More Out of Your Houzz Account

A large part of my business is dedicated toward general contractors who are not only representing the company they work for, but for the end user – who in most cases is the homeowner. It can be a precarious balance, and there’s no doubt today’s consumer comes fully armed when they arrive at their decision to purchase. I remember when Pinterest started to spread, and I still love it. But as a general contractor, what do you know about Houzz? I’ll help.

houzz-logoHouzz for Pros

Houzz is a platform for home remodeling and design, bringing homeowners and home professionals (AKA: you) together in a uniquely visual community. That’s the website’s tagline. It was the brainchild of a couple who were in the throes of remodeling and redesigning their home, and had the stacks of inspiration and catalogues to prove it. They thought there had to be a better way … and Houzz was built. Today there are over 35 million homeowners, design enthusiasts, builders, and home improvement professionals sharing and networking. Where Pinterest is more of a vision and houses ideas and inspiration from things like children to gardening to fitness to architecture, Houzz is dedicated to homes and offers a network to help literally build the dream people have for their dwellings.

As a contractor, you’re considered a home professional. Your expertise and organization can help market your business. A Houzz account can serve as online archeology for the trends, research, relationships, and inspiration you find within your industry. And since you’re viewed as a home professional, it’s in your best interest to learn enough about the platform to be dangerous so your clients view you as a thought leader well versed in innovation and technology.

Who Uses Houzz?

As mentioned, 35 million people! Houzz is intended to help and give structure to individuals who are breaking ground on homes as well as those who are tackling a bathroom remodel, and everyone in between. There isn’t a space more sacred than the home, and the level of detail and dedication that goes into achieving that sacredness … well, it takes a village. It takes a Houzz. Imagine working with a typical client of yours who is building their first home. From wood species in cabinetry to garage doors to lighting, they have hundreds of decisions to make. Imagine sitting down with them to create a profile and project brief from scratch. Oh, the level of work and granular detail you have to work through. 

Now imagine that same client who meets you for the first time, and shares with you their Houzz account. Pages and pages of photos, data, research, sources, etc. at their fingertips and now yours. Think of the time saved and the ground you’ll cover discovering their styles, budget, vision, and personality over one website. And you’ll be exposed to the elements and expectations your client may have that won’t work. It’s better to know that as construction begins than to get to a tight spot in the project timeline just to realize there’s an issue. Think of Houzz as a better way to communicate and manage projects.

Houzz Quick Tips for Efficiency 

So while Houzz has a clean, beautiful aesthetic, there’s much more to the platform than the visual appeal. Organizing it in a functional way helps your customers make your job easier. Here are some tips for making the most out of your Houzz account:

  • Add a cover photo to your profile.
  • Create a project and upload at least five images of your work.
  • Ask your current customers to review your work.
  • Add a Houzz badge to your website or LinkedIn profile.
  • Add social links to your profile.

Houzz will be big in 2016 – actually, it will be bigger because it’s already a hot topic.  If you are looking for ways to be more dynamic in your industry and connect with your customers better, make Houzz one of your New Year’s resolutions!

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