Home Décor Tip: Incorporate an Accent Color

Whether you’re looking to freshen up your kitchen, makeover your bedroom, or give your living room a lift, you can incorporate an accent color – it’s the perfect solution for all your home decor dilemmas!

What Is An Accent Color?

Hinkley_Nov24A home decor accent color is any color that’s used to unify a particular room or living space; it can highlight a certain piece of furniture, artwork, or architectural detail such as a window frame or fireplace mantel. Your accent color can be painted on the walls, included in accessories like vases and lamps, or even integrated into the floor coverings and window treatments.

An accent color is to home decor what a tie is to a suit, or a necklace to a dress; it’s a splash of color that makes the entire outfit (or room) look complete and stylish!

Choosing Your Accent Color

There’s no set rules when it comes to choosing an accent color, however, most designers recommend choosing either a complementary accent color (these are the colors that are across from each other on the color wheel) or an analogous accent color (colors that are side-by-side on the color wheel).

Complementary accent colors tend to include vibrant reds, bright yellows and bold blues, while analogous accent colors are usually more subtle (think different shades and tones or your main room colors).

The Ten Percent Rule

When it comes to using an accent color in your home decor, interior decorators recommend following the ‘ten percent rule’ – this means that regardless of what color you pick, you want it to make up about ten percent of all the color in the room. This doesn’t mean breaking out the tape measure – simply ‘scan’ the room visually; ideally, you’re accent color should catch your eye without being too overwhelming or overpowering in the space.

Let There Be Light!

Table top lamps, chandeliers, and pendant lights are a great way to add an accent color to any space; look for colored shades, lamp bases, and fixtures that add both illumination and visual interest to your home decor. And don’t forget about the light switch and outlet cover plates – changing these up is a quick and economical way to freshen up your home decor, and they’re now available in a wide variety of colors and styles.

You can also use spot lights and cabinet lights to highlight your accent color pieces – think about installing eco-friendly LED strip lights around fireplace mantels and photos, or for a truly unique touch, look for light bulbs in your accent color!

Make A Room ‘Pop’

One of the easiest ways to add a splash of accent color to your living room, bedroom, or den is to simply add a few throw pillows to the sofa, bed or chairs; look for pillows that have interesting textures, shapes and patterns to achieve a high-end look (even if you’re decorating on a budget)!

Including a touch of black like a simple black photo frame, lamp base, or glass vase can provide the contrast your need to make your accent colors really pop!

Other Accent Color Tips & Tricks:

  • Don’t forget the floor! Consider buying area rugs in your accent color to give your space a unified look and feel.
  • Pick the right pictures. Give your home decor a boost with artwork and photos that feature your accent color.
  • When it comes to furnishings, pick one item in an accent color, such as an end table, occasional chair or ottoman.
  • Have pets? Perk up your doggie beds and cat trees with covers in your chosen accent colors!


With the right accent colors and accessories, you take the décor and design of your home up a notch. For more home décor news and tips, sign up for our monthly eNewsletter!

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