Four Reasons to Use a Lighting Designer for Your Remodel

You’ve taken the plunge and you’re ready to bring new life to your home with a remodel. Before you begin the first steps of your remodel (besides actually committing to it – the biggest step of all!), it is wise to consider using a Lighting Designer for all of your lighting updates and changes.

Make sure you have your remodel completely ready to go with the help of a lighting designer.

Make sure you have your remodel completely ready to go with the help of a lighting designer.

Let’s talk about just a few of the benefits of using a lighting designer versus trying to do it all on your own.

  • Functionality

    All of your lighting needs are considered functional. They are an integral and important part of your home. Of course, you want your remodel to be beautiful, but if it doesn’t function the way you need, then it’s not going to satisfy your dream for that space. A lighting designer can help you think about the many ways to illuminate an area and what possible dark corners need to be considered when choosing how you’re going to redo each section of your home. You might be in love with a particular chandelier or light fixture, but will it be the best for your space? A lighting designer can help you make sure both the aesthetic and function of your lighting are a perfect fit.

  • Electrical Needs

    As you remodel, you might be using a certified electrician to help with all of your electrical needs and make sure your home is safe and efficient. A lighting designer will work with your electrician and review any blueprints with the goal of ensuring your lighting dreams can come to life without blowing a fuse each time.

  • Style Cohesion

    Having a lighting designer review the overall plan for the remodel as well as your lighting, can make sure the two will complement each other. The goal is to have neither steal the show, but instead support each other in bringing out the overall beauty of the remodel. Your lighting designer will review your budget, your style, and your functionality needs to make sure they all come together in perfect harmony.

  • Fresh Ideas

    There could be lighting options that you haven’t put a lot of thought into at this point. For example, would you like to have Smart Home Integration? With Smart Home Integration, you can schedule times for the lights to go on and off on their own – a great security asset if you’re on vacation or out of town a lot. Your lighting designer may also help you determine if you need under-cabinet lighting to see counters better or stair lighting to help ensure safety for those using the stairs at night. Sometimes, just having that second pair of trained eyes on your remodel area can just help you see other options more clearly.

Is having Smart Lighting Integration something you have considered with your remodel?

In the end, we hope that this remodel will be a loved addition to your home for years to come. Your lights will always be a big part of your home, as they welcome guests, give life to rooms, and provide beauty as well as function. You want to make sure this is one area you are 100% in love with, and having a lighting designer will ensure that you’ll be thrilled with every lighting aspect of your remodel!

Help remodeling dreams come true with a lighting designer on your team.

Help remodeling dreams come true with a lighting designer on your team.

We’d love to talk to you some more about all the ways our lighting designers can walk beside you.

Good luck and happy remodeling!

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