Five Ways to Incorporate Wall Lights Into Your Home

To give your rooms the shining attention they deserve and that will bring appreciation from all that enter, you might want to consider combining ceiling lights with wall lights to create a look that has depth and atmosphere. Wall lights are a simple add-on to any redesign or renovation and can easily make a statement or set the mood of a room. In addition, wall lights cast light around the walls and free up surface spaces around a room for other objects of decor.

Let’s look at some ways wall lights can add personality and function to your home

Highlight pieces of art

When you’ve put so much thought and consideration into a special piece of art that speaks to you, you kind of want everyone to notice it. Wall lights are a great way to direct visitors’ eyes toward a piece of art in a subtle way. And with the focused lighting, you’ll be able to fully enjoy those pieces of art in all their glory.

Create a vintage look

If you have a room that’s plump full of vintage furniture, colors, and décor, you’re going to want lighting that enhances that vintage look. Vintage lights that reflect the time period your room embraces will create a consistent and beautiful look in that room.


Illuminate a reading area

To create a calm nook for reading your favorite book on a cold winter day or a rainy spring morning, consider using wall lights to cast the light directly where you need it without bathing the entire room in bright light. Adding a downlight wall sconce might be just what you want. These luminaries project a downward wash of light, grounding your space and creating a warm and cozy atmosphere that’s perfect for relaxing and forgetting the outside world. Just make sure you have some pillows and blankets nearby in case all of that reading leads to a good nap.

Add elegance to an area

Wall lights can add a bit of elegance to an area that needs an aura of opulence. Place wall lights on both sides of a fireplace or mirror will add symmetry and a sense of formality that’s also welcoming to guests.

Contrast the dark and light

If you’re all about dramatic looks that WOW your friends and family, look at using wall lights to create a strong distinction between the light and dark areas of a room or outside area. Make the most of your sconces by mounting them on walls that are dark in nature. The wall lights will give a dark wall a glow that adds interest and depth to the surface. The combination makes the room feel both intimate and dramatic.

There are plenty of great spaces around each home that wall lights can illuminate and improve. If you’re looking at adding wall lights to your home, stop by our showroom and we’ll help you decide which ones will be perfect for your living spaces.

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