Five Health Benefits of Spring Cleaning

Person dusting a hanging light

If you’re like us, the days get longer, the sun shines brighter, and something just kicks in. You start to feel this urge to spring clean.

There is a biological reason we naturally want to do some deeper cleaning each spring. It has to do with melatonin production. During the winter months, our bodies are exposed to less sun, which decreases melatonin production and increases sleepiness (we can all relate to that). But once the sun is out longer and our bodies see more of that glorious sunshine, melatonin production increases which increases our energy levels. Spring cleaning is just one way we choose to spend our newfound energy.

Person Cleaning Window

Spring cleaning lets the sun shine in!

Spring Cleaning Health Benefits

While cleaning out the garage and dusting every corner will make your home look more inviting, it also has some great health benefits.

Cleaning decreases stress and depression

Studies show that a clutter-free home has a positive effect on mood and ability to focus. The process of sorting through items, determining which should be cleaned, which should be tossed, and which should be given away, is empowering and mentally refreshing.

Of course, having a good attitude as you begin spring cleaning can help, so try to reframe how you think about spring cleaning – looking at it less as a chore, and more as a welcome ritual.

Living Area with fireplace

A clean and neat home provides a relaxing environment.

Cleaning Strengthens Your Immune System

Dust, pet dander, mold, and other irritants build up during the winter when you’re closed in tight to keep the cold air out. These can be immune system triggers for people prone to allergies.

Spring cleaning keeps allergies at bay, and a clean house helps you breathe better by preventing respiratory issues and supporting a healthy immune system.

Cleaning Gets You Moving

There’s not a lot of cleaning you can do while sitting on the couch rewatching Bridgerton for the third time. It pretty much requires you to get up, bend, twist, walk, and carry items – all are great physical activities. And the funny thing about physical activity is it often leads to more physical activity. So, while cleaning your home may make you tired, it’s also likely to make you desire to take the dog for a walk or go out for a bike ride later.

Cleaning Prevents Illness

Cleaning shared objects that your family touches a lot can reduce the risk of bacteria and germs living on those surfaces and spreading from one family member to another. Plan on scheduling a cleaning schedule for different areas in the kitchen with deep cleaning, such as the fridge and freezer, pantry, counters, and cupboards.

Cleaning Reduces the Risk of Injury

Let’s just admit that there’s a stack of winter boots and shoes piled up by the door. That pile (and any others around the home) can be tripping hazards if not cleaned up. Spring cleaning is a great time to clean off all that winter gear and store it neatly away until next year.

Another great cleaning tip to reduce the risk of injury is cleaning off those lights, letting them shine to their full potential, and providing well-lit areas. Whether it’s a simple dusting or taking them out and wiping them off with a microfiber cloth, your family will appreciate being able to see better.

Person dusting a hanging light

Let your hard work shine bright with clean lighting fixtures.

Now that you’ve done all this spring cleaning, stop by our showroom for some fresh decor and some new lighting to show off all your hard work.

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