Do I Need an Interior Designer to Work with The Lighting Gallery?

Are you in the process of revamping your home’s interior? Whether it’s a fixer-upper or a newly constructed, blank slate, you’ve probably thought about hiring an interior designer to make sure every room is exactly what you’ve always wanted. If you prefer to work with an interior designer to help you choose the perfect lamps, chandeliers, recessed lights, ambient lighting, and other lighting essentials –great! However this is never a requirement for working with The Lighting Gallery.

Working with an Interior Designer

Interior designers ask you, as the client, to trust them in selecting décor and furniture for each space throughout your home. For some, working with an interior designer can feel less stressful or overwhelming, as you have a more ‘hands off’ approach of choosing the lighting, mirrors, wall art, and other details incorporated. However, if you want to be more involved, an interior designer will allow that as well. With an interior designer, you always get the final say in the look and products chosen for your space.

This is your home, and you worked hard for it – interior designers and the team at The Lighting Gallery understand that. This is the time in your life when everything comes together, from your education and relationship choices, to your carefully curated taste in the very finest, most unique looks. You’ve probably spent countless hours leafing through architecture and interior design magazines, watching HGTV renovation shows, bookmarking eye-catching trends online, and brainstorming details and color schemes. The next and final step might seem overwhelming, but after all that brainstorming and daydreaming, it’s also the most fulfilling and fun.


Our Experts Can Help Every Step of the Way


Your home should stun everyone who walks inside, but more importantly, it should feel like you. If you aren’t ready to work with an interior designer, that’s OK! At The Lighting Gallery, we only hire the most experienced lighting designers because we know how important it is to make design choices you’ll never second-guess. We stay on top of the latest trends and keep our eyes peeled for emerging ones, in an effort to make sure our lighting makes mesmerizing first impressions and captures every homeowner’s one-of-a-kind personality.

Whether you want to show us a few Pinterest boards or describe that magnificent hotel suite that always stayed with you, we’re thrilled and qualified to bring your vision to life. Our showroom is filled with an enormous variety of styles, colors, finishes, and other lighting options, and as you walk through it with us, your mind will open to a whole new realm of design possibilities. We’ll also ask questions, remember your feedback, and look for new pieces that fit into your overall aesthetic and complement the lighting you picked out.

Our expert design consultants can help you with everything from creating the perfect bedroom ambience to lighting your outdoor spaces for safety. We’re honored to put our experience and creative ideas to work for you, because we know how it feels to come home to a work of art that tells you, “you’ve made it”. And after our partnership is over, “home” will no longer be the house you simply moved into; it will be the home you made your own. 


Why Work with The Lighting Gallery?

Our lighting products and services are unparalleled, but we don’t expect you to take our word for it. After all, you’re opening a monumental new chapter in your life, and you want to do it right. Maybe you finally purchased your first home after spending years as a renter, and you’re ready to fill those impersonal or neutral spaces with lighting, furniture, and décor that truly reflect your personality and lifestyle. Or maybe you invested in a fixer-upper a few years ago, and you finally have enough time and money to place the perfecting finishing touches on each room. 

Whatever the case, you’ve spent years planning and imagining the home of your dreams, and you shouldn’t settle for anything less than that. That’s why The Lighting Gallery is the best resource not only for unique, high-quality lighting that will make your home special, but also for the design ideas and creative inspiration that will bring it to the next level.


When you work with a Lighting Gallery design consultant, you gain a partner and guide who will help you envision and create picture-perfect rooms that are also comfortable, personal, and inviting. We’re not just in it to sell lighting; we truly have a passion for choosing pieces that complement one another, fit perfectly into your design scheme, and set you apart from every other home on the block. If you’re ready to begin your next project, schedule a consultation with one of our Lighting Designers.

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