Contractors & The Lighting Gallery: The Perfect Pair

I recently shared a blog on my 15 years with The Lighting Gallery. I mentioned how integral my contractors were at the time of my career shift from employee to business owner, and how today they’re still as important. That led me to think about contractors in general, and how important we are to each other, and how people might not even realize the relationship we share.


Buildings Need Light

Last year there were over 118,000 new homes built in the U.S. The average U.S. household has about 45 light bulbs … you do the math! What I’m trying to illustrate is the need contractors and vendors who build residential or commercial buildings (which have many more light fixtures) have when it comes to lighting options.

Contractors and The Lighting Gallery

A building contractor finds, solicits bids from, and schedules all of the subcontractors necessary to complete the project. This includes securing lighting options for each room of the house, plus exterior lighting. This isn’t a small job, but definitely is a fun job. That’s where The Lighting Gallery comes in. We are constantly meeting with my contractors to review projects they’re currently working on, what they have in the pipeline, and past jobs that may have additional needs.


Reputation and Respect

My biggest driving force in keeping our business successful has been the relationships I’ve gained with the electricians and builders of Grand Forks. If I lose the faith and respect of the contractors of this industry, that’s my business. The relationships I’ve formed and maintained go beyond the past 15 years at The Lighting Gallery, extending to nearly the 25 years of experience I have in the lighting industry. That is a lot of relationships and I’m very fortunate.

When it comes to building new homes, the general contractor is the name and face to their client, the homeowner. Subcontractors like myself might not ever get to the end user, so to speak, so we rely on the contractor to communicate everything about the project. Scope. Deadlines. Budget. Style. Expectation. There’s a lot of faith that goes into that from the contractor’s point of view, as it’s “their” job! The most important factor to the contractor-subcontractor is communication.


The Lighting Gallery’s Contractors’ Soirée

You probably have gathered by now that my contractor relationships are very near and dear to me. They are why I started this company. We’re hosting our Contractor Appreciation Night on September 23 at our showroom. It will be an evening of beverages, appetizers, and networking. For the first time, this celebration will extend invitation beyond the Forx Builders Association and I’m excited and grateful to facilitate the event on their behalf.

So much goes into lighting homes, and every single socket is important. My favorite rooms to help design lighting solutions for are kitchens and outdoor landscapes. I believe the personal service, industry expertise, and quality and unique products are what makes The Lighting Gallery different.


If you’re a general contractor looking for a passionate lighting subcontractor, contact us. We’d love to help you with your projects, big or small!


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