Lighting Vendor Feature: Kichler Lighting

Kichler Lighting provides an incredible selection of stunning lighting solutions for any room – both home and commercial settings. The Lighting Gallery has partnered with Kichler Lighting to ensure you have the very best access to these unique products, including their incredible line of award-winning craftsmanship pieces. These are true statement pieces, and we’re proud to provide you with one

5 Reasons Contractors Choose The Lighting Gallery

The partnerships that I have developed with building and renovating contractors over my 15 years at The Lighting Gallery are a very meaningful part of my business; as I believe my business is to them. I have gained strong relationships with contractors around Minnesota and North Dakota, including Eagle Electric and Roberton Construction, just to name a few. Working with

My Top 7 Expert Lighting Design Tips

There are all kinds of lighting options out there. Chandeliers, track lights, LED lights, pendants, wall sconces… the list goes on and on. It’s what makes my job exciting, enjoyable, and rewarding. I know lighting and lighting design can be an element of décor and home restoration that can be overwhelming and stressful. But I’m here to assure you –

What I’ve Learned the Past 15 Years at The Lighting Gallery

It was never lighting. I don’t know how I got into lighting … well, yes I do. But, it was going to be a clothing store. I went to college for fashion merchandising and I wanted to be a fashion buyer. That was going to be “my thing,” and never did I think I’d end up in lighting for nearly

Wall Décor Tips for Beautiful Spaces

Perhaps you’re looking for something new to update the décor on your walls. Maybe you’ve moved into a new space that needs personalization and your individual touch. Or … decorating and hanging things on your walls has been on your to-do list forever, and you just haven’t got to it yet. No matter the reason, I have some tips and

Contractors & The Lighting Gallery: The Perfect Pair

I recently shared a blog on my 15 years with The Lighting Gallery. I mentioned how integral my contractors were at the time of my career shift from employee to business owner, and how today they’re still as important. That led me to think about contractors in general, and how important we are to each other, and how people might not

The Lighting Gallery Celebrates 15 Years!

On July 1, 2000, The Lighting Gallery opened its doors. The original space held 1,500sq ft. of showroom, and a whole lot of promise for a new, small business in Grand Forks, ND. Sonia Roberton was at The Lighting Gallery’s helm as it debuted, as she still is today. More has changed than the square footage of space over the

6 Benefits of Partnering with a Lighting & Home Décor Pro

There’s no doubt about it; working with home décor and lighting pro will ensure your project goes well. For consumers and builders looking for a way to know they have only the highest quality of products professionally installed, it just makes sense to hire a team known for their abilities in this area. Why do you need a lighting partner?

Purchasing Lighting in Bulk vs. One Light Fixture at a Time

Should you purchase lighting materials in bulk? Should you spend the time and effort purchasing individual lights for various areas of a specific space? Many factors play a role in creating the perfect space. In some situations, there is a need for an experienced professional to aid in every facet of the design. In other cases, though, the project may

What’s Your Unique Lighting Style?

Lighting elements possess a particularly enchanting quality, and part of the charm of lighting fixtures is their blend of artistry with functionality. Lighting fixtures can be as much an artistic expression as paintings that grace the walls of a space, and can easily be considered functional sculptures. Each lighting fixture has the ability to make a fashion statement in its