A step-by-step guide for planning outdoor landscape lighting

If you’re like us, you are thrilled to be able to spend more time outside enjoying the summer months. We waited all winter for this! Our homes expand into the great outdoors during these warmer months, so you’ll want those outdoor areas to be comfortable, beautiful, and well-lit so you can enjoy them well into the evening hours. You’re going

5 Quick and Easy Updates That Have a Big Impact

Are you itching to update or refresh an area of your home but don’t have a lot of time or money to invest right now? You’re not alone! Sometimes, we all find ourselves wanting to switch things up in our home to bring back a little life to a room or area. The good news is you don’t have to

Five Ways to Incorporate Wall Lights Into Your Home

To give your rooms the shining attention they deserve and that will bring appreciation from all that enter, you might want to consider combining ceiling lights with wall lights to create a look that has depth and atmosphere. Wall lights are a simple add-on to any redesign or renovation and can easily make a statement or set the mood of

Five Health Benefits of Spring Cleaning

Person dusting a hanging light

If you’re like us, the days get longer, the sun shines brighter, and something just kicks in. You start to feel this urge to spring clean. There is a biological reason we naturally want to do some deeper cleaning each spring. It has to do with melatonin production. During the winter months, our bodies are exposed to less sun, which

Four Reasons to Use a Lighting Designer for Your Remodel

You’ve taken the plunge and you’re ready to bring new life to your home with a remodel. Before you begin the first steps of your remodel (besides actually committing to it – the biggest step of all!), it is wise to consider using a Lighting Designer for all of your lighting updates and changes. Let’s talk about just a few

Spring Décor Trends

As we begin to wash away the mounds of snow and dirt, it’s time to look at lightening and brightening our homes as well. We can help you do that by providing not only the best lighting options for your home but also by providing a few tips that may help you not only lighten up your home with fixtures

Four Holiday Decorating Trends for 2021

Looking for a little holiday inspiration? Check out these seasonal trends to make your home merry and bright. With the holidays upon us and Christmas right around the corner, many of us are lovingly taking the time and care it takes to make our homes festive and welcoming. Whether you’re pulling out your traditional décor stored away in the deep

7 Lighting Hacks to Boost Your Business

Is your workspace working for you? The way you light your building affects everything from how customers perceive your brand to employee productivity levels. Getting the right lights can take your business to the next level and make the process even easier! Here, we’ll cover seven lighting tricks to add that ‘it’ factor to your office or store. 1. Health

6 Pro Cleaning Tips to Ditch the Dusty Light Fixtures

Picture this: you finally found your dream light fixture. In fact, it’s getting so much attention that your guests aren’t even noticing your expensive Persian rug! After a few months, however, you pause your spring cleaning and notice that your alluring fixture is FILTHY! Here are a few tips to get that fixture sparkling like new. Be Safe First, turn

The Magic of Mirrors – LED Style

When fairy godmothers and magic wands are lacking, you can still treat yourself to a dramatic transformation each day, if your bathroom is a magical space. Of course, many details work together to create the perfect space, but one of the best ways to start is to make sure you get two essential elements working together… lights and mirrors. Most