6 Tips for Great Garden Lighting

For most homeowners, maintain the look of their property is a top concern. The first thing many people notice when seeing your home is the condition of its exterior. One of the best ways to liven up the outside of your home is by planting aesthetically pleasing plants, flowers, and shrubbery. With all of the hard work you put into beautifying the outside of your property, it would be a shame not to show it off as much as possible.

Among the best ways to showcase your garden is by adorning it with various types of lighting to illuminate its beauty. Here are a few things to consider when revamping your garden lighting…

1. Picture Your Perfect Garden

The first thing you need to do before you go out in search of garden lighting solutions picture your perfect garden. What does it look like? What elements does it include? The more you are able to decide about the look you are going for, the easier it will be to choose the right garden lighting. Make sure you take into account the size of the area you are trying to illuminate and what ambiance you want to create.

Another thing you need to decide before going out in search of landscape lighting is the budget you have to work with. By knowing what you have to spend, you will be able to narrow the field of available lighting options.

Garden_Lighting2. Show Off What You’re Proud Of

A rule of thumb when it comes to garden lighting is to show off what you are most proud of. If the shrubbery in your garden looks exceptional, you need to illuminate so all the people passing by will take notice of your hard work. While prominently showcasing elements of your garden with light, you will also be able to play with the ambience shadowing can bring. A great lighting design will have just as much shadowing as it does light. Having the right juxtaposition of light and shadowing in your garden can add an element of beauty and style to your design.

3. Know Your Limits

Among the biggest problems you’ll face when you’re new to the world of landscape lighting is not knowing when enough is enough. Having too much light in your garden can make for a harsh and muddled composition, which can affect the overall aesthetic appeal. By having your garden lighting a bit understated, you will be able to increase your level of curb appeal substantially. Remember, more isn’t always better.

4. Maintain Consistency

When trying to get your landscape lighting just right, you will need to consider the consistency of your design. Be sure to avoid using too many types of lights and fixtures, as it can weaken your overall design. The main goal you should have with your lighting solutions is consistency. Having a consistent design will create much more appeal than being too busy with your lighting solutions. Pick a few different styles and fixtures that mesh well together, and stick to them.

5. Don’t Forget Walkways

One common mistake some homeowners make when trying to illuminate their gardens and landscaping is forgetting about their walkways. Installing bollard lighting for your walkways can add a depth to your design, which can send your home’s beauty through the roof. This type of lighting casts an indirect beam at the ground, which makes it both appealing and functional when used for walkways. There are so many options out there!

6. Assess Your Lighting Options

Another important thing to consider during this process is the type of lighting options you have available to you. There are a plethora of options in the garden lighting world, which means you will need to take some time to do research to figure out which is right for your needs. One of the most popular types of lighting for gardens is solar powered, which gives off a warm and radiant glow. When trying to make a certain element stand out in your garden you can use an accent light. Many homeowners take advantage of path lighting as well due to the functionality it brings to their lighting solutions.


This time of year is best enjoyed outside; make your landscape and yard as beautiful as possible with great garden lighting. If you take your time and weigh the various options you have, it will be easy to choose the perfect landscape lighting for your space. If you’re overwhelmed by the space, options, or possibilities stop in and see us – we’d love to help make your vision a reality!

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