6 Home Lighting Trends in 2016

Staying up-to-date on home lighting trends is exciting for us. It’s always one of my priorities to keep our lighting showroom current with the latest lighting trends – traditional, modern, and everything in-between. Below are some of the 2016 lighting trends I’m most excited about.

How Lighting Has Changed Over the Last 5 Years

Energy and cost saving measures continue to pave the way in terms of overall home lighting. LED bulbs are showing a decrease in price since being introduced, making it affordable to convert to this longer lasting light option. ENERGY STAR certified light bulbs are a great place to start if you’re looking to hop on this energy-efficient bandwagon. We talked about the hot topic of technology advancements, here.

Lighting Trends to Look for in 2016

  1. Nautical Nods2016LightingTrends.2.png
    Set sail by adding nautical elements to your space. Navy blue is a trending color for 2016. Elements such as rope, wood, sea glass, and shiplap are being incorporated into home décor and lighting elements alike. Add some seaside flair by incorporating a beach house look, a stylish trend that is sticking around a while longer. Check out Kichler’s Hayman Bay Collection for great pieces to fit this trend.
  1. Oversized Fixtures
    Don’t let size intimidate you. Large, bold lighting choices are becoming the focal point of a room. Think beyond high ceilings and open spaces. Think about what you want your eyes to emphasize. Keep in mind that large doesn’t mean obnoxious. One of our expert lighting designers can help determine the appropriate size and scale for your area.2016LightingTrends.1.png
  1. Industrial
    This retro, vintage style is making its mark.Edison bulbs are being emphasized in the pendant platform. It’s a fun way to display this nostalgic, old-school ambiance. Cage shades are also a popular pick to achieve this lighting feel. Get hooked on this style by checking out some more industrial ideas and trends.
  1. Color on Color
    Monochromatic tones are showing up everywhere. Designing a room around a single color scheme is becoming a trend in interior design. Following suit with lighting that plays off this theme (bold or subtle) is no different. Lampshades and bedside lamps are a great way to incorporate this trend into your space.
  1. Mixed Metals2016LightingTrends.png
    There are no “rules” when it comes to what finishes you can or cannot combine together. How inspiring (and exciting) is that? Mixing tones is the new thing – the more the merrier. There’s no doubt gold is making a mark across many design platforms in 2016. Lighting trends are following suit. Metallic tones are being combined and challenging the status quo of only one finish throughout a home.
  1. Farmhouse Feel
    Bring together natural elements with industrial touches. Wood tones, textures, and finishes are being paired with industrial vibes. The organic feel is being translated into designs throughout the home. Feiss Lighting is a leader in this decorative style, bringing the farmhouse and rustic feel to life.

How to Incorporate Lighting Trends at Any Stage

The great thing about trends is that they are flexible. You get to pick and choose what you like and don’t like and incorporate them into your space as you see fit. Whether you are building, remodeling, or just updating one room at a time, we are here to help. Our lighting experts and variety of vendors have you covered.

I’m notorious for putting my ideas together and then leaving them for “someday” to execute. I would love to help turn your someday into a reality. Let’s get started!

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