5 Tips for Updating Interior Lighting Without Breaking the Bank


Do you ever sit back and enjoy a home décor magazine or go crazy on Pinterest pinning beautiful pictures of interior spaces, dreaming of the changes you wish to make in your own home? If you’re anything like me, this happens on a regular basis. If you’re even more like me, your interior design dreams tend to get put on the back burner because – let’s be honest – those dreams take time and money, which don’t always come in abundance.

What I have learned in my years of working in the lighting industry and interior design world, however, is there are ways you can update lighting your home without pinching the pennies in your pocket. So, I’ve sat down and put together a handful of tips to consider if you’re trying to give a new feel to a room in your home.

1. Welcome Daylight

Natural lighting is so underrated. Often times people invest in hanging beautiful curtains and shades in front of their windows, without realizing they are eliminating an extremely valuable factor in room lighting. Remember to pull the curtains and enjoy the sun every day. Plus, there are some great options for curtain pull-backs and simple valances so you can soak up the sun.


2. Switch Light Bulbs

Switching out your light bulbs is often forgotten, unless they’re burnt out. Stray away from fluorescent and bright white lighting. These can be too harsh in rooms and set an uncomfortable mood. Try switching your bulbs out to a warmer lighting blub in your interior lighting; these bulbs are much softer, more beautiful, and very complimentary to all rooms. It’s amazing how a different glow of illumination can make a space feel completely different.

3. Hang Mirrors

This trick is genius! It’s one of my go-to space-updating hacks. Placing mirrors on the walls is known to make rooms feel larger and really expand a space. What people often don’t realize is they also reflect the lighting fixtures in your room, which gives the effect that you have more lighting than you actually do. Plus, there are so many cute mirrors out there – if your style is chic, modern, classy, or rustic – you’ll definitely find the perfect mirror for your space… I promise.

4. Plug-In Light Fixtures

When people think of adding new lights to their space, they think ceilings and walls, and often think it requires hiring someone to install them into the house. Plug-in lighting fixtures often go over-looked, but they are actually an awesome and inexpensive way to add lighting to any room in your home. Lamps, chandeliers, and hanging pendants are just a few plug-in lighting fixtures that you can add in a cost-effective manner! Plus – it makes switching up and rearranging a breeze.

5. Replace Old Light Fixtures

Out with the old and in with the new! Another great way to update your lighting fixtures is by simply tossing the old ones and finding new, more modern and updated lighting fixtures as replacements. Sometimes trying to work with what you already have can be the trickiest part of updating your lights. You already have the electric system needed to install the fixture, so all this tip requires is picking out a new fixture you love.


Lighting design can change the whole aesthetic feel and mood to your pace. Making small changes like these to improve your lighting can update your home in a beautiful and cost-effective way. At The Lighting Gallery, we have endless ideas on how to make updates and changes to your home that fits your specific budget. Take a look at our lighting showroom, or visit our blog to learn more about lighting tips and tricks.

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