5 Quick and Easy Updates That Have a Big Impact

Are you itching to update or refresh an area of your home but don’t have a lot of time or money to invest right now? You’re not alone! Sometimes, we all find ourselves wanting to switch things up in our home to bring back a little life to a room or area.

The good news is you don’t have to clear out the savings account or donate an entire weekend of your time to make small changes that have a big impact! Here are five areas you can easily make a change to do and enjoy for years to come (or until the next itch hits you).

A new lamp or two can light up a room

Finding a stunning statement piece of a lamp (or pair of lamps) can really change up the atmosphere of a room. We believe all accessories should bring a smile to your face because you love them, not just because they’re functional. Lamps are no exception. Looks for lamps that stay within the style of your room but add a bit of pop in style or color.

Bed with lamp next to it on table
Add a funky lamp to lighten up a room.
Cool off with a cooler fan

This is another area of the home that sometimes ends up being more functional than beautiful. But we’re here to say you can have both! Ceiling fans have become so much more than just a fixture, they’ve become a modern, functional work of art. If your room fans are disappearing into the ceiling, maybe now is a great time to purchase a modern fan that accentuates your room while providing a cool breeze.

Couch with pillows and a cat.
Add some color and fun with unique and bright pillows
Throw some new pillows on the couch

It’s quite amazing how a couple of brand new, bright, and textured pillows tossed onto a couch (we love the lack of physical labor required for this!) can turn a room around. What is a color you love but aren’t ready to have a room saturated in? This might be the perfect color for new pillows so you can have a pop of that color in the room without overdoing it.

front of home with green door and window
Make a great first impression with a stylish front door.

Have a better first impression

As guests and family members walk up to your front door, what do they see? In fact, can they even see at all? Maybe it’s adding some simple new lighting like path lights or a crystal overhead light that will brighten up that first appearance. Or maybe it’s even more simple by adding some fresh outdoor décor that reflects the season. Feeling bold? Change your door color to something rich that stands out against your home.

Wall mirror and shelf
Reflect your best assets with a well-placed mirror.
Reflect your favorite features

Mirrors can add a special touch to any room. You can place mirrors somewhere that will reflect a beautiful view or item in your home. Having a mirror that reflects a gorgeous window view can open up your room and create an illusion of a much larger room. And many mirrors are also practically pieces of art themselves and can bring a beauty of their own to your rooms.

Whatever direction you decide to travel, we invite you to visit our showroom first to be inspired and receive assistance in helping you create that new magical touch to your home.

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