5 LED Kitchen Lighting Solutions

Kitchen_with_LEDsThere’s nothing that can light up your kitchen more than a carefully chosen set of LED light fixtures. For most homeowners, anything that lights up kitchen space is fine, but to people who want to create elegance and style, while saving significantly on energy costs, LED kitchen lighting cannot be an option, it’s a ‘must-buy.’

In the kitchen, many activities go on, including chopping, grating, dicing, and handling extremely hot drinks and foods. Because of these risky tasks, you want the right lighting that will reassure you of your safety.

Above all, proper lighting pumps more life into your kitchen and help improve the resale value, as many home buyers consider the fixtures in your kitchen before choosing whether to accept your offer. A well-illuminated kitchen will become a point of reference. Well-placed LED kitchen light fixtures at the ceilings, walls, and under the cabinets will ensure that the entire space is under the light.

Bring Life & Light to Your Kitchen with LEDs:

1. Toe Kicks Lighting

Toe kick lighting is the best way to provide your kitchen space with a perfect glow. However, choosing the right toe kick lighting has never been a walk in the park given there are many options from which to choose. The LED lighting fixtures are what you need to illuminate the entire floor space to provide for a safe walk in your kitchen as you prepare your dishes. They welcome a new, elegant, and functional accent into your floor. Toe kicks lights are easy to install because they are supported by the 3M adhesive.

2. Under-Cabinet Lighting

Safety in the kitchen is a priority for every homeowner, but this doesn’t mean you will get the right lighting solutions the cheap way. Wrong choice of lighting can be detrimental. Under-cabinet lighting that features LED technology will not only make your kitchen attractive, but also make sure that you are safe every step you make in your kitchen.

3. LED-Powered Chandelier

Chandeliers can revive the look of your kitchen and cut on utility bills. Given that they are hanging lights, they create a livelier and warm environment you want in your kitchen. They feature LEDs that point in opposite directions, which help to increase the illumination. The good thing with LED-powered lights is that they are brighter than traditional halogens, and are cost-effective.

4. Highlight Architectural Features

If you have a large area that needs lighting, the task might look difficult, especially if you have expansive walls, ceilings and walkways. Nevertheless, with modern LED kitchen lighting products that integrate traditional and modern architecture, you can be sure that all your locations will be lit. These lights feature outstanding light projection that costs less than traditional lights.

From bright illuminating light to a colorful ambiance, you can find lighting solutions that will get you covered in the right way. If you doubt that your unique lighting needs will be met, talk to one of our lighting experts and they will be sure to steer you in the correct direction.

5. Recessed Ceiling Lights

For a clean, sharp look, you can choose recessed ceiling lights since they are adjustable to fit almost all your unique lighting needs. Additionally, they will help to personalize your kitchen space besides bringing in a decorative statement. This LED kitchen lighting comes in different trims and the choice of depends on the application. For kitchen lighting, reflector trims will work well. These lights are smooth, and perfectly polished for maximum utilization of the light released by the LED bulbs. Since these LED kitchen lights come in multiple tints, you can choose to lower the amount of light or warm your space.

The Choice is Yours

A kitchen is a workplace but one should remember that it is a social atmosphere. Therefore, you want to choose a lighting system that integrates ambiance, which sets right mood, style and functionality. The key to selecting the right lighting is to balance your features so that your kitchen is both functional, warm and welcoming.

Now that you know what types of LED kitchen lighting available, you can choose one that will fit your room and enhance the look of your kitchen. If you are not sure what types of lights will fit into your existing fittings, contact one of our lighting experts so we can help you select and install the right lighting for you.

Regardless of the lighting you select, you will achieve significant savings, as LED lights do not consume a lot of power like their traditional counterparts.


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