5 Apartment Décor Tips to Spice Up Your Space

If you’re an apartment-liver, chances are you’ve realized that it can be difficult to personalize a space and really make it your own. Many properties do not allow you to paint or choose certain lighting fixtures, and some even have strict rules about how things have to be hung, and what can and cannot be hung on walls. Although this can be a bit discouraging, especially if you enjoy home décor and trendy furnishings like me – there are still ways you can spice up your space! Check out the five apartment décor tips to help you get started…


1. Add a Bold Statement Lamp

Not only are lamps great ways to add a little pizazz to your apartment, the lighting they provide can transform a space. Floor lamps especially can light up dark corners or break up large empty spaces. Finding a unique lamp can create an interesting focal point and the added light can give you (and your guests) the feeling of space and depth. Smaller, colorful lamps are easy ways to tie in accent colors or patterns to make the theme of your room complete. Lights are one of the best ways to give your apartment comfort, especially if they give a soft, warm glow. When you can’t change or alter the lighting provided in your rental space, lamps can add charm and personalization to your room.



2. Add Depth With a Large Mirror

Mirrors work in many different spaces. Especially in smaller spaces, mirrors can work wonders. Because they reflect the light and space, they can add depth to your room and make your area feel larger than it actually is. A mirror can open up a cramped space and give your living room, bedroom, or bathroom a spacious feeling. Mirrors have become very trendy over the past few years and come in many shapes, sizes, and finishes. Many mirrors found today can also double as wall art and a conversation piece of a room. Mirrors are a functional, fun way to add apartment décor.


3. Use Vases, Bowls, Candle Holders, or Bookends

This apartment décor tip can come in many shapes and sizes – literally. Add a vase with some flowers (fake or real, it’s up to you), use a bowl for fruit, loose change, or jewelry, find some fun candles, or add some bookends to a stack of books or magazines. The best part about using these types of apartment décor furnishings is that you can add them nearly anywhere: end tables, TV units, bookshelves, countertops, bedside tables, dressers, or desks. Another great aspect of these pieces of décor is that they can be inexpensive and easy to find, and there are not right or wrong ways to use them (except for bookends, they usually work best as bookends). Find some classy metallics, bright colors, or fun patterns and you’re set!


4. Find a Fun Area Rug

I know what you’re thinking: “I have carpet, I don’t need a rug?” Ok, fair enough. However, most apartments come furnished with basic carpet, in basic colors. Find a larger area rug for near your couch, under your coffee table, or by a desk. Area rugs can be very affordable and are easy to mix and match with different colors, patterns, and textures. If you’re looking to make your space more cozy or comfortable, look for a rug with a soft, shag-like feel. A colorful, geometric or floral patterned rug can not only give your space a pop of personality, it will also protect your floors – wouldn’t want to lose your damage deposit!


5. Hang Curtains

Nothing against those nice mini blinds that are standard in most rental properties, but adding curtains are just one more way you can personalize your space. Curtains can not only add a unique touch, but they can give your room a classy or elegant feel. In some cases, curtains can be hung in a way to make not only your window appear larger than it is, but your room too. Hanging drapes can act as an accent color or pattern and add personality without the permanency of paint or wallpapers.


Whether you’ve just moved into your apartment or you’ve been in your space a while and need an update, don’t be afraid to try new things! Adding personalization and pops of color to your space can be easier and more affordable than you might think. If you aren’t sure where to start, begin by rearranging your furniture and see what (if anything) catches your eye, or if there are any areas that need more light, or a new accent. For updates in the lighting industry, new home décor trends, and unique home style tips and tricks, sign up for our monthly eNewsletter!

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