3 Things You Need to Know About Fluorescent Ceiling Light Fixtures

Fluorescent ceiling light fixtures are cost efficient, as they use far less electricity than the average lighting system. It is important to save at every turn with prices skyrocketing and more uncertainty lurking in every industry. Are you thinking “I want quality lighting but I needed it cost efficiently”? Or “I have spaces in my home where I need bright light to work on occasion”? Maybe “I need lighting that is less invasive and lighting that I can tone down”? Allow us to help…

How Fluorescent Light Fixtures are Made

Kichler_Lighting_FluorescentFluorescent ceiling light fixtures are made to operate for 10,000 hours, while incandescent bulbs only last 1,000 hours. This is just one reason to use fluorescent ceiling light fixtures. Many families are slowly changing to this system of lighting. They have more options and greater control over usage. One advantage of the fluorescent bulb is the level of heat. Knowing this, you’ll be able to more comfortably enjoy the benefits of fluorescent ceiling light fixtures in your home. Choose the color of your fixtures and the heat index. If a person accidentally touches a lamp, the chance of being burned is removed. When a customer gradually starts to change their lighting system, they soon begin to see a tremendous change in the cost of their utilities.  

In fluorescent light bulbs, you have the tubular style, which can be found in under counter lighting. This design is very popular and the most familiar. Other choices are the two dimensional, twin tube, U-shape, quad tube, and circline shaped styles. At The Lighting Gallery in Grand Forks, ND, we are experts specializing in trendy lighting fixtures. Jon, Sarah and I all have experience in creating lighting solutions for home and businesses.

Fluorescent Lights be Dimmed

Fluorescent lights can be dimmed to create a low-level of light, great for resting or night security. Light may be necessary for visibility but not in its maximum form. A user may feel tired and want a level of light that promotes security. Fluorescent ceiling light fixtures are quite decorative and have the ability to light up a room without being notices. Use light to accent furnishings or wall colors. Business conglomerates use lighting to aid the buying environment. A grocer may use one type of fluorescent lighting while a movie theater will desire another style. The same thing is easily accomplished in a home. A workspace and a family room may require different shades and styles of fluorescent ceiling light fixtures.   

Enjoy Fluorescent Lighting

It would seem all light fixtures serve the same purpose but lighting has grown extremely sophisticated. The choices are far greater and with the use of a computer interface, the control over-lighting levels makes fluorescent ceiling light fixtures, quite versatile. These light use ballast that spread the electronic particles throughout the fixture. The system uses electronic or magnetic. The later was favored in older fixtures, making that familiar humming sound heard in older lighting products. Today magnetic systems are used.

If you use dimmers, remember you cannot use the same dimmers for incandescent and fluorescent lighting. These are different systems and need separate units. Shopping for lighting is much simpler when you know what you need. I had an easier time deciding upon fluorescent lighting fixtures once I understood how they worked and the benefits. I can now manage my home lighting for at home time and away time. The ability to raise and lower my lighting level creates a different atmosphere in my home.  


If you have questions about your lighting in your home, come talk to us. We will help you pick out the perfect fluorescent ceiling light fixture and start your savings today! 

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