3 Reason Why You Should Install a Track Lighting System

Track_Lighting_SystemHere at The Lighting Gallery, we take pride in being the best showcase and supplier of all the various lamps and lighting systems, while being conveniently located in beautiful Grand Forks, North Dakota. We appeal to a wide clientele including designers helping families get an edge on their renovations, home owners embarking on a DIY adventure, and a number of contractors. Every employee at The Lighting Gallery goes the extra mile to help out our customers with their unique lighting needs and to have an error free experience. We operate under large volumes of high quality lights.

One lighting solution we recommend especially to contractors are the modern, highly functional track lighting systems. Here are three reasons why you should install track lighting strips in your home building or renovation project.

1: An Interior Designer’s Favorite Way to Light up a Home

Track lighting provides some of the most customization capabilities of any of your lighting options. Four lights on a track can be shifted from side to side, rotated, or angled to accent nearly anything. This is especially wonderful for a contractor who needs to provide the most ability to customize without having to return for a remodel. Track lighting fixtures are a popular choice because whether it is a family that is orienting them, or a designer, they are both happy and get what they were looking for in the end.

In rooms where it isn’t clear how the client ultimately wants it to be set up, say a kitchen, a living room, or especially accent rooms in upscale houses, providing power to two rails for track lighting fixtures is a great way to satisfy not only the first client, but anyone who inhabits or designs the home with their unique tastes. The number of fixtures can be added, the quality of light can be changed, and the orientation can also be used to accent new furniture arrangements or a new showpiece in the room.

2: A Functional, Industrial, Yet Upscale Solution

Let’s face it, the job place can be an unforgiving place to a lighting fixture. Have you ever installed a chandelier? Then you know the anxiety as it ships, hoping every glass ornament arrives intact, and finally the dread of getting it through the doors for more fear in the installation.

Track lighting fixtures are becoming increasingly popular because not only do they look modern and elegant, but they are easy to ship. Coming in multiple small boxes, easily cushioned, even expensive track lighting fixtures can be shipped and transported to the job site with relative ease. Even if the unforeseeable were to happen and one piece of the lighting fixture system were to break on the job site or in transit, simply replace that piece. This is a great way to control costs for the project.

3: Replaceable Parts Provide Maximum Return on Investment

For those of us who’ve redone lighting solutions, the more set in and calked a lighting fixture is, the more you’re going to struggle, dig, and sometimes even have to cut to get it out. Parts of the lighting fixture rail can be repainted and the individual lights can of course be switched out as long as they are still compatible with the voltage and the dimensions of the lighting rail.

This is very nice for family homes that are going to be lived in a long time because sometimes light fixtures get destroyed by accident. It is also nice every ten years to upgrade the appearance of the home to match the times. Nobody knows what will be the trend in the future, but if it is square-shaped track lighting fixtures, you can bet they’ll make some that are compatible with the track lighting strips and rails that contractors are commonly using today.

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