3 Advancements in Lighting Technology

Technology advancement is a hot topic and it’s no different in the lighting industry. In fact, new lighting technology is making possibly the biggest advancements since the LED bulb first came to the market. It is an exciting time for us with new lighting technology advancements, and with the rapid pace of technology changes, it will only become more interesting.

 At The Lighting Gallery, our team feels it is very important to stay updated on all the advances in the market. By doing so, we are able to stay well informed on our expertise of lighting for our business and for our clients. Not only is it important to keep our knowledge and lighting showroom up to date and relevant, but we also know that being well-informed on the ins and outs of lighting technology is a must. Lighting is our specialty, and we want the best products for our valued customers. By keeping up on this ever-changing industry, we are able to use the most efficient, affordable, and innovative products to our clients.

Here are the 3 most recent advancements in lighting technology:

1. Smart Lights

Advancements In Lighting Technology

Smart homes are no longer a thing of the future. Smart appliances, mirrors, showers, and lights are becoming common in households these days. With smart lights, the bulbs connect to mobile devices through Bluetooth. Mobile apps are then used to control the smart bulbs. These smart lights can perform a variety of tasks depending on the bulb, including: turn on/off, choose color and brightness, schedule lights to turn on/off or dim, or even flash when you get a social media notification. The demand for these smart light bulbs is increasing due to their energy management, convenience, and safety.

2. LED Innovations

Unlike smart lights, LED lights are not a new subject to most. Advancements of LED technology are making way, however, and the market is expected to become bigger than ever before. So what’s changing? The Department of Energy is making huge strides towards more efficient and longer lasting LED lights. This is because the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy claim that using LED lighting could reduce U.S. lighting consumption by half, and even be a solution to climate change. To advance LED lighting technology, manufactures are working to achieve a warm light with this new advancement, by finding the right color temperature and Color Rendering Index balance. Costs of LED lights are soon expected to fall as LED advances and become more common—making them more affordable to consumers.

3. High-Efficiency Ballasts

With technology making life more efficient, High-Efficiency Ballasts are being produced for the same goal. Manufacturers are trying to maximize the energy savings and make ballasts more energy efficient. With new technology advances, high-efficiency ballasts are obtaining these standards in a wide variety of wattages. The result of these updated ballasts will benefit installers and consumers with their ease and affordability.


Shifts in lighting technology are exciting to keep up with. To do so, we use a wide variety of sources to stay informed on new advancements. Sharing our knowledge on new lighting technology allows us to find the most suitable products for our customers, and teach the importance of energy saving technology.

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