20 Lamps Inspired by HGTV’s Fixer Upper Designs

Chip and Joanna Gaines have won the hearts and attention of people all across the US. Their passion and love for their crafts and family is refreshing and inspiring – to DIY-ers, designers and contractors, moms and dads, millenials and boomers, and everyone in between. Their charm is universally appealing.

Part of the Gaines’ charm is the natural talents showcased in their show on HGTV, Fixer Upper. Did you know Chip and Joanna are both self trained in their respective crafts? I’m continually drawn to Joanna’s ability to vary her farmhouse style of design to apply to so many different client preferences: modern, rustic, beach, etc. If you watch Fixer Upper, you know Joanna spends time thoughtfully planning, designing with fellow craftsmen, and hunting through antique stores to build or find furniture and decor that flaunts the client’s style preferences.

And, as a lighting enthusiast, I always take the time to appreciate her lighting choices.



Each fixture Joanna chooses for a home makes a statement – chandeliers, pendants, lamps, etc. For this blog I am going to zero in on lamps because they often don’t get the credit they deserve. Lamps are often an afterthought, used to add task lighting or decoration. While this flexibility is part of the beauty of lamps, I’d encourage you not to underestimate the power of lamps in lighting and design.

I’ve pulled an assortment of lamps we have that fit the farmhouse style and mirror the lamps Joanna has used in her designs.

Antique-Inspired Lamps

These lamps use character and ageless beauty to add depth to your home.


Rustic Lamps

The worn and weathered look of these lamps exudes comfort and features the beauty of age.



Modern Lamps

With sleek lines, these lamps accentuate a modern twist to the farmhouse style.


Elegant Lamps

The upscale design of these lamps incorporates a graceful, chic beauty into the comfort of the traditional farmhouse style.


Modernly Rustic Floor Lamps

These floor lamps combine sleek lines with old world charm.


Home and lighting design doesn’t have to be created from scratch; find a style, designer or theme you love and let those elements inspire the pieces you put in your home.

If the farmhouse style Joanna Gaines has perfected isn’t your cup of tea, we have an extensive line of lamps that fit a very wide variety of design preferences. You can browse all lamps, here.

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