Hubbardton Forge


About hubbardton forge

The hidden but intentional details put into each piece convey its style, design, and features. Their product line includes chandeliers, pendants, mini pendants, semi-flush/flush, sconces, floor lamps, table lamps, outdoor, and accessories. Hubbardton Forge’s lighting designs are unique, eco-friendly, and driven by a rich appreciation for metal. The fixtures are as much art as they are light.

Design is everything

Hubbardton Forge can bring your napkin sketch to life, making your dreams a reality. Hand-crafted design is at the heart of every conversation, concept, sketch, and final product. Meticulous detail goes into every product at Hubbardton Forge. With respect for all forms of art, the company understands and appreciates each hand-crafted piece. They’re so confident in their American workmanship that every product has a lifetime warranty.

Marvel in the beauty of the Hubbardton Forge Collection and their exquisite hand-crafted lighting designs.