Light Bulbs – What’s the Big Deal?

Shopping for lightbulbs seems to have become a lot more confusing in the last few years – am I right?! Many of our customers ask “Is there really a difference between lightbulbs?” and “How do I know which one to choose?”  We’re here to help. Our team has gone through extensive training on how to determine the best lightbulb for

Sky’s – A Classic, Eclectic Restaurant in Downtown Grand Forks

There are so many reasons to love Grand Forks. In September 2015, another reason was added to Downtown – an upscale, fine dining establishment unlike any other in Grand Forks.  Sky’s Restaurant (formerly Sanders 1907) is located in the Edgewood Corporate Plaza on DeMers Ave. Having been purchased by new owners, they wanted something unique, classy and warm. They got

4 Outdoor Lighting Techniques Sure to Make an Impression

With summer in full swing, we’re enjoying the weather and trying to spend as much time outside as possible. Grilling, bonfires and watersports are favorite summer past-times in our family. With more time on our deck and patio, we pay closer attention to the exterior of our home. We’ve planted the annuals, watered the perennials, uncovered the deck furniture and


Hubbardton Forge started handcrafting products over 40 years ago. The Vermont-based company got started with two men sharing a passion for craftsmanship. Their unparalleled commitment to the blacksmith tradition shows in their products and the respect they have earned as a name brand in the lighting industry. They are as much art as they are light. And that’s something that

Showroom quality: Unique lighting styles for your home

When you’re ready to update the lighting in your home, there are numerous factors to be considered. Style, price, and efficiency are at the top of the list for many. But what about quality? In this blog I’ll share how showroom quality light fixtures help your home function at its best, highlight your home décor, and how to get each

Top 8 Home Lighting Trends on the Market

Lighting trends are expanding and changing. I recently took a trip to market and am so excited about whats new on the market in terms of lighting trends – let me tell you! I couldn’t wait to share my findings with you, so here we go! I hope you’ll be inspired by these lighting trends. Use them to spark a

Under-Cabinet Lighting: Comparing Your Options

Under-cabinet lighting is an easy way to take the look and feel of your kitchen to the next level. However, it can be overwhelming with the number of options available. Have no fear; I’m going to sort through various under cabinet lighting options with you. What is Under-Cabinet Lighting? This style of lighting is typically found in kitchen and associatedwith

6 Home Lighting Trends in 2016

Staying up-to-date on home lighting trends is exciting for us. It’s always one of my priorities to keep our lighting showroom current with the latest lighting trends – traditional, modern, and everything in-between. Below are some of the 2016 lighting trends I’m most excited about. How Lighting Has Changed Over the Last 5 Years Energy and cost saving measures continue

Vendor Feature: The Minka Group

If you’re looking for a lighting vendor with high quality products and unique workmanship with a wide variety of brands, lighting designs, price ranges, and functions, then your search can stop here. The Minka Group is an international lighting vendor committed to producing quality hardware and design. Over time, The Minka Group has become a leader in the decorative lighting

How to Get More Out of Your Houzz Account

A large part of my business is dedicated toward general contractors who are not only representing the company they work for, but for the end user – who in most cases is the homeowner. It can be a precarious balance, and there’s no doubt today’s consumer comes fully armed when they arrive at their decision to purchase. I remember when